Chapter 8: Supply Closet

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Jaces pov

Seeing clary stick up for herself, being the badass I know she is, made me open my eyes to see how astonishing this girl is. She was strong, independent, witty, brave, and all the things anyone would aspire to be. She's perfect.

Although seeing her so unfazed by what just happened shocked me. She just took this mans life as if it were nothing. And then walked back into the party as if it didn't ever happen.

But other times I see the passion and the fierceness in her eyes. She thrives to live and survive. Like when I see her train, how she can win any fight when she puts her mind to it. Or when the little artist inside of her comes out while she paints and hums to a song through her earbuds.

But that was not the clary I saw a second ago. I should go talk to her. Maybe she has a explanation.

I get out of my state of shock to see Alec and Izzy are not beside me. So I walk up the steps to see clary standing next to my parents with Alec and Izzy on each side of her.

I was about to step in but decide to wonder off to the side and listen to what they were saying.

"Why the hell would you even think that bringing Clarissa MORGANSTERN into my house especially on a day like this with so many guest here?!" I overhear Maryse whisper-yelling to Alec and Isabelle.

Alec is about to say something to stick up for clary but Robert interrupts him. "No- no let me guess. You've already caused trouble here? What have you done this time, Clarissa? You're not a kid on your daddy's side in his little playgroup, the circle. This is real life. I saw what you did to that man outside. Peter Penhallow? You stabbed him. Didn't your father at least teach you not to play with knives?" He says scolding her.

Isabelle was about to interject but clary put a hand on Isabelle's shoulder as to say I got this. "First of all, I think a thank you is in order. Because I just killed one of the spys that are inside of the clave. YOUR clave that you talk so highly about on how it's just soooo perfect. I bet you didn't even know that valentines members were still spying on you? Well guess what... they are. They are watching every single move and breath you take. He may be dead, but he lives on. Here is a list of more people to watch out for that are in the clave. If you need help with anything regarding it... don't call me." She says handing them a slip of paper and walking away as I hear her heels click against the hard marble floor.

By the time she was gone and out of sight, Maryse and Roberts reactions were priceless. She were shocked.

But god how sexy is she when she tells people off like that. I can't help myself, I need to find her.

I walk off into the direction she walked away passing my parents and siblings still bickering at each other to find her at the bar with her legs crossed sipping a martini.

I walk up to her and sit in the seat next to her as she is turned fully away from me, looking through the wall made of glass at the view. The sun was setting and making clary look even more angelic- if that were possible.

"That seat is taken." She says sipping her drink not looking to who was sitting next to her. "Now it is." I say and she turns towards me. "Oh sorry, I thought you were someone else." She says looking down and circling her finger around the rim of the glass.

"Are you alright?"

"I'm fine. It's just that I don't know if I'll ever get people to trust me. My father damaged my name and it is my life goal to fix it. When people think of Morganstern I don't want them to think of how my father was a god awful beast of a shadowhunter and how he killed so many. But I want them to think of me and my future children on how we repaired that name to make it strong." She says with s fierce look.

I nod as I understand where she is coming from. "I need to do something and I need you not to freak out." I say and she nods looking confused. I pull her out of her chair and grab her into a random closet.

"Um...Jace?" She says looking at me confused.


"What are we doing in a supply closet?"

"I just needed to get you away." I say and she is still obviously not getting what I'm saying. "I just needed to-" but I cut myself off deciding to show her what I needed to do instead of explaining.

I pull her close to me and into a kiss. She gasps but kisses me back almost immediately. I tailed down her lips to her jaw line to her collar bone to her breasts softly making love bites all over her as she moaned in pleasure.

  She didn't seem like she wanted softness as she pulled my hair back and shoves me against the wall taking my shirt off and laying a kiss on me hungrily. I didn't realize she wanted me as much as I wanted her.

  "Someone is a little impatient." I say softly against her lips. "Please, I'm done being patient." She says as I pull her up and she wraps her legs around me.

  I turn us around making her against the wall as I slowly unzip her dress and tease her by softly pecking her all over her face except her lips as I knew she would get impatient.

  As her dress falls to the ground and she's only in her black lace bra and underwear and I kiss her cheek, up to her temple, up to her forehead, down to her eyes and nose and she grunts out of frustration.

  "God damnit, Jace." She says hopping off of me. She quickly throws on her dress and shoes and fixes her hair as if nothing happened. She turns to me and says "next time, I'm gonna make you work for it." And winks at me walking out of the closet.

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