chapter four ➶

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wow it's been a while since i updated this, sorry for the wait, but we backkkkk!! lmk what you think of the story so far! i made a change in the first chapter, regarding jacks mother, and how she died. thanks for reading. <333
WARNING: before you read i just want to inform u all that there's gonna be trigger warnings, so if you are sensitive to cutting/abuse don't read. thank u :)

finn just left jack's house, and returned home to his own. he laid on his bed, and looked up at the ceiling. he closed his eyes, and thought about what had just happened. he smiled to himself, as he thought of the kiss. it was quick, but honestly felt like 100 years. all finn felt was happiness at this moment. he never wanted that feeling to go away.

finn had left jack's house about 30 minutes ago. he smiled, still with a rosy pink blush, spread across his face. he's never felt this happy before, and he never really experienced this type of feeling. happiness was something that seemed almost foreign to jack, so experiencing happiness for the first time in a while was the best feeling in the world.

jack walked downstairs and looked into the tv room to find his dad, asleep on the couch. he let out a sigh of relief. jack quietly went upstairs and went into his room. he went into his bathroom, and hopped in the shower. about fifteen minutes later, he finished up, and changed into comfy clothes. he heard his stomach grumble, so he went downstairs, to find something to eat.

there wasn't usually a lot of food in his house, since his dad was never able to go shopping. jack quietly went into the kitchen and took out bread, jelly and peanut butter. he began to make his sandwich, until he was on the floor and felt a sharp pain on his face. he grasped his face, and saw blood on his fingers. he looked up to see his furious dad.
"where have you been, fag. ive been waiting all fucking day for you to make me dinner." he yelled. jack stayed quiet.
"not gonna talk? well... you know how that goes." his father said.
his father, grabbed him by the shirt, and began punching him in the stomach, and face.
"you worthless piece of shit. you killed my did! all your fucking fault." he yelled.
jack felt his heart shatter, as he heard these words. it felt like his heart was being ripped open.

jack's mother passed away, shortly after giving birth to jack, due to complications. since that day, jack's father had always blamed him. once jack got older, the abuse and hateful words became frequent, though his father did mistreat him when he was younger, but jack couldn't remember. many people have happy and fun memories to remember and cherish from their childhood, but jack had none. it was almost like a coping mechanism for jack to not remember his childhood, which made things easier for him.

he began to cry, and groaning in pain. his dad dropped him and left him on the floor, as he took the sandwich jack made.

jack laid on the floor for a minute or two, before walking upstairs, as he clenched his stomach due to the pain. he got to his room, and continued to cry. jack went to the bathroom and looked into the mirror. 'worthless' he thought to himself. he looked down at his wrists, and saw the now scabbed, cuts, that he did earlier. he didn't hesitate, as he grabbed a razor blade, and cut through his skin. all he could think about is what his father said to him. 'it's your fault'. he cut a few more times, and cried. jack was feeling too much guilt, to much sadness. at that moment, he wished that he was never born.... he felt that if he wasn't born, everyone and everything would be fine. his father and mother would be happily living together, with not a single worry in the world. he fell to the floor and sighed as he looked at his wrists. the last thing he heard before passing out, was a buzz, coming from his phone.

finn fell asleep for an hour or two, then eventually woke up. he looked at the time, and saw that it was 8:30. he went to his text messages, and scrolled to his conversation with jack. he smiled, as he thought of the boy. "hey jack, i know i said id facetime you at 8, but i fell asleep. but we can facetime now :)" he pressed send, and waited anxiously. five minutes passed and there still was no answer. finn began to feel worried, since jack usually would answer right away. finn decided to call him. he waited, and waited, but soon it said to leave a voicemail. he became so worried, that he got dressed, and ran out to his mom's car. finn had his permit, but really wasn't supposed to drive alone... but he didn't care, he had to make sure that jack was alright. finn pulled out of the driveway, and drove to jacks house. a few minutes later, he arrived and got out quickly. he looked up to see the lights on in jacks room. finn remembered what jack said about his dad, so he quietly snuck into jacks house, hoping jacks dad wouldn't hear him. he got inside before quietly walked up the stairs, and into jacks room. he looked around and saw that he wasn't there. finn saw that the bathroom door was closed, so he walked over and knocked lightly. "jack... it's finn. are you in there?" he asked, nervously. he waited.. and no reply game. he hesitated a bit, before opening the bathroom door, to a sight that he would never forget. finn's eyes widened, as he looked down to see jack. his wrists were covered in blood, also seeing blood on the floor. "oh my god, jack." he said as he went down on his knees. he shook jack a few times, but that didn't wake him up. 'shit shit shit' finn thought to himself. he picked up jack and put him in the bathtub.

as finn put jack in the bathtub, he took off the boys clothes. he felt how cold he was. he looked at the boys body, and saw the many bruises and scars. finn felt his heart break, as he turned on the water, while his eyes brimmed with tears. he made sure it was warm. a few minutes later, jacks eyes opened. he looked around and began shaking. finn looked at him and grabbed his hand. "jack, calm down, im right here." finn said. finn watched as jack looked around. he saw jack take his arm out of the water. jack looked at his wrists, and sighed.
"im sorry." jack said. finn looked at him and frowned. "
"don't be sorry jack.... why'd you do it?" finn asked. jack looked down for a few seconds before talking. "my dad. he said.. it's my fault that my mom died." he said quietly.
"oh my god jack, it's not your fault. im so sorry." finn said, as he started tearing up once again.
"thanks for coming..." jack said, as his voice sent off a saddened tone.
"of course.... thank god i came. are you warm now." finn asked.
"y-yea..." jack said quietly as he looked down.
finn saw jack turn bright red.
"oh shit, im fucking naked!" he said.
finn laughed and looked at him. "well, you were freezing, i did what i needed to do." he said.
"i understand... i.. uh... sorry you had to see all this..." jack said, quietly.
"jack. please don't say sorry. i'm just glad i got here when i did.. and i'm glad that you're okay. finn said.

finn got up and grabbed jack clothes. he came back into the bathroom. "wash up, and get dressed. im taking you to my house." finn said. "but my dad! if he notices that im gone, he'll..." jack began, but stopped immediately. "he'll what, jack?" finn said, looking at jack with concern. "hurt me. like always. but it doesn't matter. don't say sorry... i deserve it. i'll always deserve it." jack said. "jack. you don't deserve to be hurt... by anyone. i'm gonna try and make things easier... i promise, but for now, please just let me take you to my house." finn exclaimed.
"fine. i'll get ready." jack agreed, before finn smiled, and left jack alone to get dressed.

finn walked out, and sat on jacks bed, waiting for the boy to be ready. about fifteen minutes later, jack walked out, wearing sweatpants, and a hoodie that was too big for him. finn looked at him and smiled, seeing how cute he looked. he stood up and took his hand. jack smiled, and held finns hand as they walked downstairs quietly, avoiding jacks dad. both boys walked out, and got into the car.

jack laid his head against the window, and looked at the stars, feeling nothing but happiness. finn drove, and would take glances at jack once in a while. he saw jack looking out the window and smiled. "whatcha lookin at?" finn asked.
"just the stars." jack said, quietly.
finn smiled to himself, as he looked back to the road, and thought about jack.
'my little star' finn thought.

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