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VOICEMAIL - [Emma - Sebastian]

8.32 am

You're probably on the plane right now but there's no problem. I'm so sorry I fell asleep last night but Downey and Hemsworth really made getting me drunk a mission. I loved the party, thanks for pulling it off. I felt really loved and, most importantly, loved by you. I wish I could've kissed you goodbye, your lips are the sweetest. Anyway, it's just for a month. Good luck tomorrow on your first day of shooting. Tell Margot I would leave you for her. Just kidding... or not... Okay, this is probably going to cut me off soon so, have a safe flight! I love you. Call me back soon.

TEXT MESSAGES - [Sebastian - Emma]

I played your voicemail
probably 100 times
READ - 2.18 pm

Didn't get sick of my morning voice?

I could never, miss

Good ;)

I'm on my way to the hotel,
I want to get some sleep before
I have to leave to shoot

Do that! And good luck!
I'm having lunch with Sarah today

Have fun, babe. I love you

one month...

It'll feel like lightning, I promise

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