Day 2 and 6 (Part 7)

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We all wake up to the cannon firing. We all go on our defensive modes. We go out of our tents and so no dead bodies, but we so a hover craft very far away snatching up a dead tribute. Its impossible to tell who that person was, since its so far away. Me and the others decide to eat. Out of the supplies we have, he have 5 bottles with actual water in them, so Flint and Emily decide to share theirs, while everyone else gets to have one. We also eat some of out supplies. But since he have some many, I think it could last all of us like 11 days or something. 

Later, at night, we see the portraits of the girl from 5. 

Day 6

Yesterday and the last 3 days were rather boring, which  is not something I really signed up for. When we're about to consider finding tributes for the 8th time, we hear some commotion, like some fighting. We see a male and a female fighting in the distance. Me and the other careers run like hell since this is the only thing thats actually exiting. Eventually, the cannon fires, and we see a boy come out of the fight. The boy spots us. I throws on what appears to be a dagger into Raina's stomach. I hear Miles scream her name. Emily shoot an arrow right at his head, killing him instantly. The cannon fires again. I turn to see Raina in Mile's arms, and she's coughing blood. Miles's crying. She murmurs something to him but I can't understand it, and then the cannon fires. Our first career is dead on day 6. That night, we see the death portraits of the District 7 female, the District 8 male, and Raina, and her face fades away from the sky forever.

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