Prisoner 319

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“Listen to me, whatever happens, you get back home, you get under the floor, you will safe there.” Bellamy said as looked at his sister and before he looked around trying to find a way out of this situation for him, his mother and his sister. “What are you going to do?” Octavia asked him and he grabbed his bat. “Creating a distraction.” He said as he made to step forward when suddenly, she held him back by the arm and he looked at her. “Bell, how do I get home?” she asked, more like whispered and she looked so scared that Clarke felt bad for not being able to stop this from happening.

Clarke could see Bellamy freeze as he realized that she didn’t know how to walk around the ark which meant she didn’t know how to go back to their home and even if he managed to distract the guards, she could still get into trouble. And that was just the moment that Shumway chose to come to where they were. “Cadet Blake, why is your weapon out? Mask of.” He said to Bellamy before he took Octavia’s mask away as she trembled with fear, so different from the girl who entered the conclave and won the right to the bunker. “She is fine, sir. I already scanned her.” He said trying to excuse them but Shumway looked at him suspiciously.

“You don’t have a scanner. ID, please.” He said to the girl and that was when Clarke chose to step in. “Hey, I’ve been looking for you everywhere.” She said as she came to Octavia’s side and held onto her arm. She could see Bellamy’s desperate and shocked face as he looked at her. “Miss Griffin, please step aside.” The guard said and she looked at him. “Why? I was looking for my friend and now I found her and we are leaving for the shelter as instructed.” She said and was about to pull Octavia away with her when Shumway grabbed his weapon.

“ID. Now and you are not going anywhere.” He said to both of them and Clarke stopped. “Please, Lieutenant Shumway, I am begging you, she needs to leave. As a fellow guardsman, just let us walk out of here and I will do anything you want. Anything.” Bellamy whispered to the Lieutenant and Clarke knew it was about to go down, this particular guard was known for being bribed, not for leniency especially with something like this but in this particular case, she knew from the files that he would arrest the girl despite what the older Blake offered so she quickly moved to Bellamy’s side.

“You are not a guardsmen yet, Cadet and it seems that you, Miss Griffin, have a thing for befriending criminals.” He said towards her and Clarke decided this was it, she had something else planned on her mind about how she would get herself arrested but when he said that about her friends, she changed her mind. She grabbed Bellamy’s bat and hit the guard as he fell down. “Never insult my friends again.” She said as she kept hitting and shocking him until she was hit with a bat from behind, possibly from another guard who came to help his superior until she lost consciousness and the last thing she saw was Octavia being grabbed by two guards before everything went black.

When Clarke finally came back to herself which felt like hours later and started opening her eyes again though the light was blinding her a little, slowly she could feel she was in a bed, not very comfortable but again, no bed in the Ark was comfortable, to be completely honest, but it made her wonder if her plan didn’t work, if she was back at her room but when she fully opened her eyes and looked up at the ceiling she recognized it as a cell, more precisely the same one she was in before and she smiled before she started laughing. It had worked. It had actually worked. She was in the Sky Box.

“Why the hell are you laughing Clarke?” She heard a soft and young voice say as she recognized the owner of that voice and turned her head to the side where she was greeted by Charlotte’s smile. “Did the fall mess it up with your head?” the girl asked titling her head in confusion and Clarke smiled at her before she sat up and ushered the girl to her side and soon enough a body collided with hers as she wrapped her arms around her. “I missed you.” Charlotte said against her shoulder and Clarke smiled. “I missed you too.” She said as she looked around. “Charlie, what happened?” she asked since she didn’t remember much.

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