A Curse of Luck (A Kidnapped Story) (31)

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Whitney's (Pov)

I could only stare at him in disbelief. It was like someone just told me you’re pregnant and with everything in my being I know that is not true. It is outrageous, it's- it's crazy.

I feel so incredibly angry and hurt. I don't know what to do or what to say; I just want to leave. I want to never look at this man again. Why I feel this unexplainable rage is beyond me. My whole body is tense and tight.

My body is coiling and trying to retreat into itself for projection like a turtle or a crab. I scrunch my eyes closed and push myself back against the cushioned seat. What is wrong with me? What is happening to me?

"Whitney breathe, just take a deep breath." Eitan’s voice is faint and muffled against my ears. It feels like I am buried underground or am underwater, like I am in an isolated place.

"Shh, everything is going to be okay. You need to think about something else. Think of something peaceful."

Peaceful what the hell could I think of that would be peaceful? I don’t even remember what it feels like to relax, to not feel on edge every second.

"Isolate one emotion. Just focus on one feeling. The feel of leather beneath you, the firm solid ground your feet are upon."

My mind races thinking and feeling all the things he spoke of, but I can’t focus on one or the other. I keep going back and forth between everything. I am not finding comfort from any of them, from anything.

Then a shocking sudden frozen object lays itself on my forehead. I don’t jump or attempt to move from the surprising sensation.

"That’s it just feel the cool, feel the solidness and reality."

It’s him; it's Eitan's hand on my forehead. It has to be. I can sense his body right next to me and his voice is much closer it is the evidence that seals my certainty. His voice is so defined now; it has so much more depth and tone. It doesn’t sound monotone or lacking in emotion. I think this is Eitan’s real voice, he wants me to hear the real him.

"There now that is better, everything is fine. You are fine. No harm will come to you with me. I know that is one of your many fears but it is not necessary. I know you do not believe me and I have given you no reason too."

He brings his hand down my face to grip lightly on my neck. My body shivers but I find myself leaning toward him wanting to feel more.

"I did not lie to you. You were the one that changed the room’s atmosphere, you are not aware of the abilities and powers you possess. But in time you will, and I can help you to discover more and how to control them."

That takes me out of whatever subdued state I was previously in. I jump away from him and stand by the entrance of the double doors in the train.

I take a deep breath trying to calm my racing heart. I can’t believe I let him get that close. I can’t believe I let him touch me like that.

I glare at him warning him silently not to come near me again and not to touch me ever again. Everything that just happened assaults my mind and I get overwhelmed. All of that was so crazy and it came out of nowhere. I don’t think there has been a time in life where I was actually scared, of myself.

"What's happening to me?" I whisper it wanting it out in the open. I wanted to let the universe hear; do I think I would get answer from the universe? Of course not, my luck wouldn’t allow such a gift to happen.

"You are developing." Eitan answers his voice returning to the coldness and depthless sound.

"What do you mean? Why is this happening now? Is it because I was taken to this stupid world or am I losing my mind and none of this is actually happening!"

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