Chapter 20: Imprisoned

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irisiu : I wonder why everyone doesn't feel that Jiang Ruan seems to be as crafty as a spider laying a web of traps...

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Translated by : irisu

Edited by : Anks & Ely


A picturesque beauty, yet in the light of the day, she was like a bewitching blackwidow[1],speaking gentle phrases with an eerie aura

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A picturesque beauty, yet in the light of the day, she was like a bewitching black
widow[1],speaking gentle phrases with an eerie aura. In the heat of broad daylight, Chen Zhao unwittingly reeled back, his back breaking out in a cold sweat.

[1] hóng fěn kū lóu 红粉骷髅 - 'hong fen' means rouge and powder, figuratively, it refers to women. 'Ku lou' means human skeleton/skull. This is an ancient Chinese phrase with two meanings: 1. A woman with a beautiful appearance and a terrifyingly venomous heart, 2. A woman who uses her beauty to charm men and feeds off all their physical, mental and material means until he dies. In this context, 'black widow' spider refers to the second meaning.

In response to this, Zhang Lan chuckled, "This fool doesn't know how to speak. Miss Jiang, don't worry. If anything happens, there is still Master to rely on, Miss just needs to stay put."

She spoke such malicious words, as if it was certain that Jiang Ruan was the mastermind behind this murder. In a few words, she was convicted of the crime, and so eliminated any chance for one to retort back. Jiang Ruan faintly smiled, "Lan mama, to speak like this and declare with such confidence, is it possible that Lan mama also coincidentally saw me killing someone?"

Startled, Zhang Lan gave a dry laugh, "This... old servant actually did not.

"That is true," Jiang Ruan said softly, "Lan mama, please take heed as to how you speak. For those who aren't aware of this matter, it would seem like Lan mama is deliberately putting the blame on me."

Zhang Lan's heart tensed as she lifted her gaze towards Jiang Ruan. Jiang Ruan was looking right at her with a smile, yet it did not reach her eyes. Her pupils resembled a dark abyss, bearing a sense of mocking indifference.

At that moment, they heard a few officers dash over to the brooding head bailiff, exclaiming, "Leader[2], a female corpse was found in the well."

[2] Tóu er 头儿 - Leader ; Chief

With such shocking words, all the servants immediately retreated from Jiang Ruan's side, looking at their Miss and her two servants with alarm and contempt.

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