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"Hannah, I'm marrying Zayn," I mumbled into my phone two weeks later.

"YOU'RE WHAT?" She screeched. 

"Zayn proposed and I said yes."

"Oh my god! Tell me everything!" She squealed.

I smiled, picturing her jumping up and down. I told her the story of the proposal, and the fight, then the real proposal. She gushed appreciatively at the appropriate moments and demanded that I send her a picture of the ring. "So you'll be my maid of honor, right?" 

"Do you really want me to be?" She squeaked. 

"Of course! I only have one sister!" I laughed.

"I would love to! Who are the other bridesmaids?" 

"Well I haven't asked anyone else yet. But I'm going to ask Zayn's sisters and Eleanor." I settled onto the couch, wishing Harry would come over and cook something for me.

"Who's Zayn's best man?" She asked.

"He has two," I replied, smiling to myself. 

"How did that happen?" Hannah giggled.

"He asked Liam when we were flying home from Ireland the other day. But then he felt super guilty because Danny has been his best mate since they were little, so he called him and asked him too as  soon as we landed." I laughed, remembering Zayn's anxiety about the whole situation. 

"What about your flower girl and ring bearer?"

"I don't know. It depends when we actually have the wedding and what kind of twins I've got in here," I answered, patting my stomach. "If it's one of each, then I'm set. If I've got two of kind then I'm going to have to great creative. Though Louis really wants to be the flower girl..."

Niall had just entered the flat and I motioned for him to come sit beside me. "HI, HANNAH!" He yelled into the phone. 

I nearly dropped it out of surprise at his outburst. I whacked him on the chest and stuck my tongue out. "HI NIALL!" She screeched as soon as I had it back to my ear. I almost dropped it all over again. "I should probably get going, Gemma. I'm suppose to meet Nick for dinner and movie in half an hour."

"OOOOOOOOO, Hannah's got a date," Niall sang teasingly.

"And you're being irritating," I told him, shaking my head.

"Bet he's not as good at snogging as I am!" He added loudly before I hung up, leaving Hannah in giggles. 

"You are literally two years old!" I chided, pushing myself into standing to give him a hug. "I've missed my little toddler!"

"I've missed you too, Mommy," he laughed, returning my embrace. "Zayn asked me to be groomsmen yesterday."

"I know. He told me." 

"Let's eat!" He announced, taking my hand and pulling me towards the door.

"You just got here!" I protested, struggling out of his grip so I could put on some shoes. 

"The cab is running!" He responded, tapping his foot impatiently.

"Unbelievable," I muttered, following him out the door none the less. "Where are we going?"

"Nando's. Of course." His tone implied it was the most obvious thing in the world. Knowing who I was talking to, I suppose it was. "So where's your charming fiance?"

"He went out grocery shopping. I sort of demolished the fridge the other day," I admitted a little guiltily.

He shrugged. "You're almost five months pregnant with twins. You can do what you want." 

"And that's why you're my best friend," I cooed, kissing his cheek. "No more leaving, Nialler. I don't like the separation."

"Agreed. Next time you're coming with!" He said decisively. "Look! We've arrived." He paid the driver, and gave him a signed photo when he asked for one for his daughter.

I slouched, trying to hide my face from all the people at the mall. "Everyone is staring at me, Niall. Why am I such a whale?"

"You are lovely. Now go sit, and I'll order for us." He pulled up his hood, keeping his head bent so people wouldn't recognize him. The girl working the counter obviously did because she jumped up and down for a moment before calming down enough to actually take the order. "You're having mild peri- peri chicken," he said, sitting down across from me.

"Mild? You know I like it extra hot." I pouted and snatched my drink from his hands. 

"Spicy food can jump start labor. We're keeping those buns in the oven!" Niall replied, laughing at my expression. "Try not to stick your lip out like that. You look ridiculous."

"You're really good for a girl's self esteem!" I rolled my eyes at him, sipping on the lemonade he had brought for me. "So how was Mullingar?"

"Boring." He grinned. "It was absolutely wonderful. My mum cooked for me, and did all my laundry. What's not to love?"

"You boys and laundry. That's the first thing everyone mentions when they come back from a visit to home." I shook my head, laughing to myself. "Do you really hate doing it that much?"

Niall just stared at me like I was crazy. "It's the worst."

"I feel sorry for your future wife," I teased.

The waitress dropped off our food, and Niall had me take a quick picture with her on his phone, promising to Tweet it to her later. "I don't need wife for quite some time. I've got you to do my laundry for me!"

"Ha! Keep dreaming, leprechaun!" I bit down on a fry, letting the flavor fill my mouth.

"Mom's love doing laundry! It's in their DNA." He devoured a sandwich in just a few bites, moving on to his second one without hesitating.

"Do you know what I love?"

"Mmmm?" He didn't even stop eating to respond.

"The fact that my boyfriend is an international pop star so he can afford a cleaning lady." The two of us laughed together and as I stared into my best friend's eyes, I was absolutely and completely content. 

Hey guys! Thanks so much for sticking with this story! I've decided I'm probably going to write a sequel! Wooo! I've also just started a new story, it's called The Charmed Life and it would be awesome if people would check it out/ tell friends about it. http://www.wattpad.com/story/1787138-save-you-tonight. Love you all!

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