|John Shelby| "Fools In Love" {Part One Of Two}

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You lay awake, your bare body lays still, feeling the soft linen over it

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You lay awake, your bare body lays still, feeling the soft linen over it. The sound of Johns steady breathing flood your ears, as you stir.

As you reach for a cigarette, you hear John stir, he says something inaudible, your eyes make their way to his topless form as a sigh escapes your mouth.

Footsteps echo through the room as you make your way to the window, looking beyond the pane; taking a drag from the cigarette. Watching the grey smoke flow from your mouth into the dark sky.

A soft voice spoke out.
Johns voice was always soft at night, when everything about the Shelby business, and his responsibilities were put to rest for the night.

It was the only time you two could get closer, other than that; business was in between the two of you.

"Yes John?"
"I'm sorry."
"I know my love..."

{ Flashback ~ Earlier That Night. }

The silence in the room was unbearable as John broke the news to you.

At first you figured he was joking, you thought any moment now, the man you loved would have given his signature smirk and peppered you with kisses.

Yet this was not the case, the man you loved was getting married to another woman. A woman who neither of you knew or cared for.

The worst part was that it was arranged by Tommy, a man who knew of your relationship and had previously blessed it, welcoming you into the Shelby clan.

You scoffed and placed both hands on the kitchen counter.
"And you didn't even protest?"

"I can't protest against Tommy Y/N, you know that."

"Well you could've fucking tried!"
You cried, as you felt the tears fall from your eyes as you leant over the sink.

John held his breath for a moment, and walked towards you with his hand outstretched.
"Y/N please love."

"John, please don't; I- I need to be alone. I'll be upstairs."

The atmosphere was filled with tension and grief. Knowing you would lose one another was killing the pair of you. Your departure caused John to become weak, he couldn't help but let a tear slip from his eye; a sniff came from him as he lit another cigarette to relieve the stress and pain he was feeling at the time.

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