One more ally

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The walk back from that place was done in absolute silence, neither one of them knew what to say really. What could they say? In one hour or so, two people they knew got killed and two of their friends were imprisoned just like that. All three of them had their mind lost in their own thoughts so all they did was say goodbye to each other with a promise to see each other at lunch the next day and each one went their separate ways. Raven back to her place, Wells too but Clarke had somewhere else to go first, she needed to talk to Kane, she doubted he knew about what happened.

She walked to his place and knocked on the door, she hoped that he would be at home, she didn't want to have to search for him around the Ark or get in contact with Jaha right now and luckily for her, after a few seconds he was the one to open the door and by the look on her face, he knew something bad had happened. "Callie is with your mother, come on in." He said and she entered the room and just sat by the chair as he grabbed her a glass of water and she drank it. "Clarke, are you okay? What happened?" he asked softly and she looked at him before she began telling him everything that happened.
She couldn't help but feel the tears from coming to her eyes as she finished her tale. He ran his hand on his hair sighing. "I can't believe I used to be so in favor of these laws. They are even more barbaric than the ones the grounders have. At least, there is so sort of justice there. In here, we are just killing people for nothing." He said and she nodded. "Kane, she is 11. She is supposed to spend 7 years locked up until she is 18. That is inhuman." She said and he nodded. "Yes, it is but remember that she will only spend 9 months then she will enjoy the freedom of Earth as will us all." He said and she nodded as he refilled her glass.

"What about Murphy? What are you going to do about him?" he asked and she sighed. "I had planned for him to get arrested later on, closer to my own arrest but since it happened now, there is only one thing left to do and it is to trigger his memory." She said and he looked at her curiously. "Are you sure that is not best to wait until you are down on Earth?" he asked but she shook her head. "The only one that I will wait to do that with is Raven which means she will need your help to come down." She said and he nodded since last time, he was the one that forced the launch.

"So when will you do it?" he asked and she answered. "As soon as he is allowed to receive visitiors. I will go see him and Charlotte and I will trigger him and let him know the part of the plan we have it covered. Maybe he can even help with a few ideas." She said and he nodded. "Murphy is definitely resourceful." He said and she nodded. "He is a survivor, always was. We just got to know the last jackass side of him." She said and he nodded just as the door opened and Callie and Abby appeared surprised to see Clarke there.

"Sweetheart, what are you doing here?" Abby asked as Marcus stood up and went to greet his wife and stand by her side as Abby sat down beside Clarke and at seeing her mother there, she could not hold it any longer and started crying. Abby quickly hugged her and brought her to her chest as Clarke held onto her as if her life depended on it. "Marcus, what happened?" Callie asked knowing that Clarke wasn't able to speak with how much she was crying. Abby also looked at him expecting an answer.
"Charlotte's parents were floated and the girl and Murphy were arrested." He answered and the two women were shocked before Abby hugged her daughter tighter. "Oh, I'm so sorry, sweetie." She repeated a few times as the other two watched before Clarke's cries subdued to hiccups and she pulled back. "Do you want to go home?" Abby asked and the girl nodded and they stood up. Callie and Kane hugged them both as they left and walked towards their own home. Clarke, never letting go of her mother's hand.

When they got home, Jake was already there and once she saw her Dad, Clarke just went to him and hugged him burying her face on his chest as her cries started again, stronger than before as she remembered the horrible experience of seeing his body being sucked into space, never to return again. He hugged her back still confused until Abby explained what happened and he sighed sadly before hugging his little girl tighter and saying comforting words to her. Only that he didn't know that she wasn't crying just because of what happened to Charlotte.

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