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Izumi King lives for summer vacation with her best friends Kennedy and Conrad, the twins she has known her whole life. After surviving their freshman year of college and their first year away from each other, the break is even more welcome - and necessary. But this year it's bound to be different. Izi has only seen Conrad three times since they broke up before college, after a whirlwind summer of dating.

The timing was wrong. They agreed to move on when they went to college. Now freshman year's over and their families are spending three months together in Florida, and Izi's not sure she can keep old feelings from resurfacing as she spends her days and nights with the twins. The only option is distraction. When Izi agrees to help out her elderly neighbour for the summer, she doesn't expect his granddaughter to be more of a distraction but as she spends more time with Hélie, Izi finds she has a whole host of new feelings to come to terms with.


are you in the mood for a fun, diverse, lighthearted summer story? look no further! fish out of water is a cute, diverse summer YA romance that i hope you'll love. this idea jumped into my mind before camp nanowrimo and was supposed to be my project, until AOM took a little longer than expected.

how do you like the sound of this?

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