Chapter 16: Murder

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Now on to the novel, the title of this chapter is rather ominous! The intrigue factor goes up, whereas some past mysteries are finally solved. The events of that night of flower viewing are revealed. Without further ado, dive into the chapter and enjoy!

Translated by : togekiss

Edited by : Anks & Ely


The story branched into two different, yet interrelated, routes simultaneously

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The story branched into two different, yet interrelated, routes simultaneously. On the one hand, just when Chen Zhao and Chen Fang thought they would succeed, against all odds Jiang Ruan and her maids managed to emerge unscathed from this unfavorable situation. On the other hand, that night the main leads of this wonderful show were in the midst of their honeymoon period.

Currently, a light olive-colored satin fabric, which flowed like cascading smoke, was fashionable on the streets. Its material was incomparably glossy as well as sleek. When sunlight shone on the fabric, it would reflect a faint glow. This type of clothing material was immensely popular among the madames and ladies of wealthy families, since they looked extremely elegant and beautiful when they wore new dresses made from it.

At the moment, two bolts of that cascading smoke satin lay on a table in a room. A seemingly beautiful lady, dressed in purple clothing, was sitting in front of a copper mirror and carefully examining a pearl necklace on her neck. The necklace was made from South China pearls which were huge and round, and also of excellent quality. Exuding a subtle pink gleam, they enhanced the paleness of her neck.

After a long time passed, Chun Ying removed the necklace from her neck. After all, she could never wear such an accessory out in public. She might be in trouble if someone suspected that she had obtained it wrongfully, because it was impossible for a maid of her rank to be able to own such a luxurious item. She walked to the side of her bed and reached under it to retrieve a small box and unlocked it using a small copper key. Filled to the brim, it was a box full of pearls, jade and enamel jewelry. Chun Ying placed the pearl necklace inside the box and contentedly gazed at its lustre.

No matter how hard she might have worked as a servant, it was not possible for her to hoard such an assortment of this kind of fine quality accessories. Chun Ying smiled. That idiot was unexpectedly agreeable to her wishes, sending the jewelry over without any objections.

A few days ago, she had heard the news of Jiang Ruan wanting to admire flowers with someone under the moon. That night, she visited the pear blossom garden herself, to investigate the matter. Surprisingly, she did not see Jiang Ruan there, but surprisingly instead, someone embraced her from behind as soon as she had arrived. Initially, she was extremely frightened when that person moved closer to her ear and whispered, "Miss, you should not scream. If anyone sees you with me, you are going to be only tied to me for the rest of your life." This remark stunned her, while the person continued, "Even though I cherish you greatly, I have treated you poorly. Miss, I will take care of you well."

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