Chapter 15: The First Layer of Net

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This is quite a satisfying chapter. I love JR's attitude in dealing with Chen junior, a perfect comeback for people like her. See for yourselves and enjoy!

Translated by : togekiss

Edited by : Anks & Ely


Chen Fang for sure has a lot of grievances

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Chen Fang for sure has a lot of grievances.

The door swung open with a bang. Chen Fang appeared in front of Jiang Ruan with a flustered and exasperated Lian Qiao hot on her heels. Both of their clothes were equally dishevelled. It seemed likely that they had engaged in a scuffle earlier.

Jiang Ruan did not even spare Chen Fang a glance. Her eyes continued to stay fixed on the pages in front of her. By her side, Bai Zhi blew carefully at her hot tea to cool it down while Lian Qiao had not uttered even a single word since she had entered the room, lowering her head submissively after she walked in front of Jiang Ruan.

Hence, Chen Fang was given a cold shoulder as no one paid attention to her. Anxiety coursed through her. Originally, Chen Fang planned to keep her cool so that Jiang Ruan would be the one who would first direct a question at her. However, she did not expect that Jiang Ruan would barely raise her head to consider her opinions. Her heart thumped. This kind of attitude left her with no confidence. The atmosphere was exceptionally solemn.

In the end, she was merely a young lady who was a few years more than ten. Not only that, she did not usually conceal her feelings and patiently endure things. After trying to contain herself again and again, she finally seethed, "Miss, I have to consult with you about a matter ."

Jiang Ruan did not bat an eye. She drawled lazily, "Ask away."

Chen Fang did not expect that reaction. Jiang Ruan's demeanor irritated her. Being reminded of the reason why she came there, her anger escalated, "Miss, a few days ago, did you not go to admire the Queen of the Night?"

"No," Jiang Ruan thought about it when she heard Chen Fang, "I suddenly felt unwell that night so I could not make the trip to the pear blossom garden to admire the flower."

"Miss, how could you do this?" Chen Fang grew angrier, "Clearly, you had accepted my invitation. If you were unable to attend, you should have at least sent someone to inform me."

"Ah?" Jiang Ruan looked at her in slight surprise, "No one told you? Lian Qiao, didn't I tell you to notify Fang'er that night that I was unable to go? Don't tell me that you were too focused on having fun that you put the matters that I had ordered to the back of your mind?"

Lian Qiao curtseyed, "No matter what, I would not dare to forget your orders. That night, I went to the pear blossom garden. Actually, I wanted to tell her once she arrived but who knew that even though I waited and waited, she did not come at all. I thought that Fang'er already knew about it and that was why she did not show up so after midnight I returned here."

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