Chapter 14: Casting the Bait

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Translated by : togekiss

Edited by : Anks ~ Ely ~ Minodayz


Winter passed quietly

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Winter passed quietly. The thriving places were bustling with activities, while the quieter places become pronouncedly quiescent. As no one had visited Jiang Ruan's residence for a long time, the trio experienced a period of idle solitude that was usually hard to come by.

In the refreshing early morning air, Bai Zhi and Lian Qiao sat at the entrance of their residence mending clothes. Their clothes were as old as they could be, needing continuous mending. Although both of their embroidery skills were extraordinary, and these clothes could be worn again after being patched with flowery patterns, brightly-colored threads were extremely valuable to them. On normal days, they did not need such exquisite patchwork.

A girl sat quietly at the window, attentively reading the pages in front of her. The sunlight shone on the side of her pretty face. Her long, winged eyebrows quivered lightly above a clear, yet beautiful gaze. She had a kind of gentleness that moved people's hearts.

Lian Qiao unintentionally turned her head around and was entranced by the vision of her mistress. She felt that her lady possessed an exquisite beauty that was rare in the world. When she was quiet, she was immensely refined and serene, almost as if she were a piece of tranquil scenery painting. However, when she became ruthless, her harsh and frigid demeanor exuded a kind of charisma. As mentioned in the idiom when "a married lady was calm and composed, but once she made a move, she would be similar to a shrewd and nimble rabbit", it must have been referring to a lady like Jiang Ruan.

Bai Zhi saw that Lian Qiao was lost in her thoughts, and she also followed her eyes. She spoke pensively, "Our lady has grown quite a bit this year and has become much taller. In the future, it might be harder to fit her into her clothes. Spring will be coming soon. We should find some time to make some new clothes for her to wear."

"It is easy for you to say," Lian Qiao recollected herself and continued sewing the button on a piece of clothing in front of her, "At this time of the year, the allowance distributed by those people has been halved. Two sets of new clothing require a lot of materials. Where can we find those? I think that we need to hike the mountains to gather a few medicinal plants to trade for some money so that we can buy some material to make clothes for our lady." She paused for a moment, "Our lady is so beautiful, yet the clothes that she wears are so shabby. At such an age, other ladies are dressed up as beautifully as flowers, but our lady is not as fortunate. She does not even have a set of brightly-colored clothes. It is such a waste of her good looks. If our lady wore those pretty clothes, she would definitely defeat all the ladies in the entire capital."

Hearing Lian Qiao's words, Bai Zhi could not help but laugh, "Talking about this is futile. You are speaking about the capital right now, but I don't even know when can we return to the manor."

As soon as the matter of returning to the manor was mentioned, their moods dampened slightly. After a while, Lian Qiao shook her head, "Don't think too much about it. Didn't our lady tell us previously that we will return soon? I think that our lady already has a plan. We don't need to feel anxious."

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