60. Numb

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All right, I didn't get as far as I had hoped, so the NEXT chapter will ALSO be in LUCKY'S.  But don't worry, things start to implode in this chapter...

Chapter dedicated to BeautifulAsymmetry.  Thanks for reading and commenting, love! PS...I love your user ID...it speaks to me.

Chapter 60—Numb


**4 weeks since last chapter (3 ½ months since Hycinth left)**

I watched Hycinth from the corner of my eye. True to her word, she was doing all of the things I wanted her to. She got up, dressed, went to work and then went home. But she was only going through the motions. There was no happiness in her expression, ever.  I didn't think she'd even smiled since we left Leander.

She'd opened up a few more times about her pain and grief.  We were making progress, slow, but progress. I could see her opinion start to sway. She wanted to fix what was wrong inside of her, but she just didn't know quite how to get there. And even if she did, she feared it was already too late to get Leander back. I didn't think so. That male would do anything for her...in the same way I would do anything for my mate one day. It would be painful for both of them, but they could get through it. I had to believe that. But her self-criticism and self-doubt kept her bound up unable to break free.

And we were getting too close to her delivery for my comfort. I hadn't been successful in finding a Healer.

"Are you finished with your station?" Hycinth interrupted my internal worrying.  She was wrapping up cleaning her tattoo equipment.

"Yeah, I'm done," I replied. "I'm just waiting for you."

"Okay," she murmured, moving around the reclining leather chair to adjust the seating. "Just give me five more minutes."

The bell tinkled an announcement that the door behind me had opened. My nostrils flared and I instantly spun around my body quivering on full alert—Wolf!

I let out a snapping snarl of warning and repositioned myself in front of Hycinth who stood frozen with wide eyes.

But the older shewolf standing in the doorway was unaffected by my aggressive posturing. She simply nodded politely and took another few steps into the room so that the door could close behind her.

"What do you want?" I growled. There had to be a reason she showed up. It couldn't be random. And she certainly didn't look like she was in the market for a tattoo.

Disregarding me altogether, she spoke to Hycinth over my shoulder, "Your child will not be who she is destined to be...without the influence of her father."

All of the air went out of the room...

What the hell was happening?

Hycinth stepped to my side. "She?"  Hycinth's eyes glistened as she stared at the stranger. She instinctually wrapped her arms around her belly, protecting the little life inside.

The woman continued, deadly serious, still assessing Hycinth with her too-knowledgeable gaze. "Yes...and her army will be born with her."

Her army?  What the fuck?

Hycinth's hands trembled. She was just as confused as I was. She also feared for her unborn child.

"Wait just a damn minute. What are you saying?" I demanded. This Wolf had another thing coming if she thought she could come in there and spout whatever nonsense she wanted. "Who the fuck are you exactly?"

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