Chapter 17 (Starting of The Plan)

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Your POV~~~

Today is the official start of the plan that we made yesterday.

Mission make Jungkook realize his mistake started!

I thought as I get off the bed. In the past, I had no reason to wake up every day but just do so because I wished maybe something good will happen. But now I had many reasons to wake up.

I had people whom I love. I had people who are my actual friends. I have a person who can I rightfully call mine. Oh God, how could I fall for someone so easily! Anyways I wonder what happened at BTS's mansion when Tae arrived.

Taehyung's POV~~~

What has this girl done to me?! She just went inside her house a few seconds ago and I am already missing her.

Anyways I have a lot to do. I need to surprise the BTS members specially Jungkook. I am sure he thought I'll be staying a little longer but what can I do, her love brought me back here. Ugh! It was so cliché.

I am also looking forward to seeing the look on Jungkook's face as he sees me. I hope the plan that (Y/N) made will work. The thought of her give me butterflies and I am blushing like an idiot now.

What did I just do to her?

Tae calm your damn hormones or you will scare the girl away...

I reached the house in no time because I was thinking the entire way. I stood in front of the main door contemplating whether I should go in or not. Will Jungkook be surprised? Will he be angry? Will he fall in the plan?

I took a deep breath and rang the bell. I heard a shout from inside as if some said that he is answering the door. Suddenly the door opened and there was Jin hyung's shocked face on the other side.

After getting out of the trance he hugged me tightly. "Where were you? You scared us to death!" He wanted to shout but those words only came out as a whisper. I also hugged him back and then he pulled away, gesturing me to come in.

I entered and Jin hyung called "look who is our guest today?" Guys came one after another in the living room. All of their eyes displayed shock as well as happiness except one who was just shocked to see me.

It hurts my heart a lot. I loved him always like my brother and he went to such limits. Anyways I shouldn't tell anything about this to my hyungs. I still care for him and as (Y/N) said he will realize his mistake one day.

I smiled brightly at all of them. They suddenly jumped and hugged me while Jungkook remained frozen. I asked him to come as well and he hesitantly joined.

I hope (Y/N)'s plan work.

Your POV~~~

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