(Sword Art Online) Sinon x Tomboy! Neko! Reader

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In this story you are going to be a Cait Sith, meaning your avatar will have cat ears and a tail. However, you will also have cat ears and a tail IRL. And your avatar looks exactly the same as your IRL appearance. You can come up with a reason on how you got them. Hope you like this chapter and sorry for updating so little.

*Sinon's P.O.V.*

          "Relax. I won't leave you alone, he said. You can trust me, he said! I REGRET TRUSTING YOU!!!," I shouted to no one. That was also, exactly, who was with me. No one! I could feel my body panicking as I flew through the skies of ALO.

          Kirito was supposed to teach me how to fly, today. I guess you could say he succeeded, but he forgot two major thing. He forgot to teach me how to steer and land!

          Soft laughing hit my ears,"You know that you're heading into Salamander territory, right? They aren't big fans of the Cait Sith". I turned my gaze in the direction the voice was coming from and I saw another Cait Sith. A girl with (h/l) (h/c) hair, ears and tail and (e/c) eyes.

          I looked away,"Well, of course I know that!," I stated, stubbornly,"It's just, I'm knew to this game, so I don't know how to fly".

          I looked back just in time to see her tilting her head,"Well, you appear to be flying just fine". A small blush appeared on my cheeks, as my face started to heat up. Who does this girl think she is?

          "Yeah, that's because my friend taught me how to fly. The only problem is that he didn't teach my how to steer or land," I grumbled, thinking of the idiotic Kirito.

          I heard soft movements and, just as I looked up, I ran into someone,"There is the first way to stop, but I suggest not doing it to anyone you don't know". I looked up and my teal eyes met her (e/c) eyes. She gave me a goofy, toothy grin causing my blush to redden. I pushed myself away from her, but her tight grip kept me for flying away.

          "Th-thanks, but you can let go of me,"I couldn't meet her eyes as I spoke.

          "Well, yeah, I could. However, if I did, you would just start floating away," she paused looking at the sky for a moment, as if in thought,"Oh! I've got it. Since I'm already here, why don't I just teach you to fly properly? That is, unless you don't trust me". A small smirk formed on her lips as she spoke. She was doing this on purpose!

          "F-fine," I stuttered out,"But, only because it will help me get away from you faster," she let out a scoff, but still agreed,"M-My name's Sinon. What's yours?"

          She gave me a warm smile,"(Y/c/n)," and that it how that best day of my life started.


          "There you go! Now you're getting the hang of it!,"(Y/c/n) cheered me on as I flew through the sky.

          A let out a small giggle,"This is so fun!" I felt like I was dancing through the sky. The feeling of the cool wind against my face made me feel at ease

          "Now you need to try to land," (Y/c/n) broke through my relaxation.

          I stopped flying and looked towards the ground,"And how am I supposed to do that?".

          She playfully rolled her eyes at me,"Just-" I cut her off with a scream as I crashed on the ground,"Take it slow," she finished.

          She landed in front of me, stretching her hand out,"Thanks" I took her hand and let her pull me up,"Could have used a bit more of a warning, though". She let out a small laugh.

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