Hide and seek gone wrong

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The next morning

N/A woke up yawning and looking around feeling something furry on her body it was

Tinkles. "Hey boy good morning" she said it still a little tired she tried to move but still was a bit stuck she tried to wake the puppy but he kept on moving other directions so she had to wait for almost like 50 minuets she had some naps waiting for the puppy to wake up

But eventually the puppy would have some moments to move around while N/A was just lying in the middle of the puppy's body

"I should of known this would happen cmon tinkles wake up" she shook the puppy many time but wouldn't work

Her belly rubbles in hunger she tried her very best to wake the puppy up to go and eat but nothing work except if she strokes his sides revers it will make him mad

"I'm sorry boy..." she now reversed stroked the puppy's side and now the puppy instantly woke up and spring up barking madly at who was stroking him backwards

She had her opportunity to run but the puppy then ran after her still mad and barking out with slobber she ran and ran but the puppy didn't leave her. "I'm so sorry tinkles please calm down!" She ran with her black robe on still. But then she felt something sore hit her she stop then the puppy stopped in his tracks looking at her

He sniffed her and licked her whole side along with her clothes she groaned in pain the puppy whimpered to N/A feeling bad and now letting her ride him to her room. "Thanks buddy I'm so sorry I know how much you hate that" she said rubbing the puppy and her belly.

They arrived to the room N/A went in but tinkles tried to come in but N/A told him to stay out side the puppy whined a bit but followed her orders she got changed and getting herself ready while the puppy was scratching at the door

To N/A it was banging with scratching noises she was almost done but she had to have a shower to get the sent of puppy slobber off of her

The puppy didn't stop scratching and whinnying from out side the door she was kinda actually annoyed by this but luckily she was all done

She opened the door seeing a huge happy puppy she crossed her arms looking up at the puppy. "Alright tinkles What ever you do please don't get too excited please" she begged at the puppy while walking out to go explore the hotel the puppy followed her everywhere she went

Sometimes even protects her from other things like little bugs or big spiders other creatures they come across to. then she came across a pry mantis tinkles instantly was barking at the insect N/A calmed him down eventually the puppy listened but when they walk away the puppy would growl at the insect still.

Then N/A came across Dennis who looked behind N/A and ran to N/A and tinkles the puppy loyaly just sat next to N/A still breathing with his tongue sticking out. "Tinkles! N/A you found him where was he I been looking everywhere for him!" She looked at Dennis and grinned. "Well this is between you and me, he was in the closet in the room last night let me tell ya he really wanted to sleep with us so badly" she winked at him he hugged her leg tightly. "Yay now we can play with tinkles!"

N/A looked down at Dennis and smiled. "Alright kiddo lets go" she said it. Having the spirit to actually do it they both ran out side while the puppy just ran after N/A putting her on his back her and Dennis they went outside N/A put her hands on her belly.

"Ok so who wants to take a walk?" N/A said referring to tinkles the puppy jumped in exitement and so she put the leash on him they walked through the forest and everywhere Dennis felt exited to know where baby's truely come from

"So mama N/A remembered last night you will tell me how baby's are made" N/A then remembered last night she hit her head in realisation and then had to actually tell him but she hesitated and lied but it still ended up being a little weird to him.

"Well umm yeah that's how baby's are made hehehe..." she nervously chuckled Dennis just looked at her a little weirded out but push that aside N/A now went back inside the hotel along with Dennis and tinkles she felt exhausted and tired Dennis on the other hand didn't felt or even feel sleepy he wanted to play a lot of games with N/A today and tinkles

"Mama N/A can we play a game?!" He exactly jumped up and down N/A just looked down at him trying to put on a smile on her face. "Sure sweetie what game do you wanna play?..." she rubs her eye tiredly

"Can we play hide and seek!" He yelps in happiness N/A looked down at him again and faked a smile. "Alright you'll be the hider and I'm the seeker?" Dennis nodded and ran to go hide tinkles went to go with him N/A yawned rubbing her belly while counting to 30. "Alright I'm counting! 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20,21,22,23,24,25,26,27,28,29,30! Here i come here I not!" N/A walked around the hotel finding Dennis and tinkles

It's been a past hour looking for Dennis N/A kinda panicked a little and ran around the hotel yelling out Dennis's name. "Dennis Dennis please come out Alright you win!" Then she went to go look for Dennis the second time but didn't go successfully she then called out for tinkles but no response

N/A went to find Mavis and Johnny but remembered that they went on a date night N/A groaned in frustration and panic. "Ok Dennis I'm not joking anymore please come out!" She continued calling out Dennis and tinkles name but still didn't get any response.

Until she came across drac who looked like he was gonna burst out laughing but didn't he kept calm

"Hey drac have you seen Dennis?" She asked while still feeling a little nervous not finding Dennis.

Drac just smiled at her a little nervous. Oh hey there honey no I haven't seen Dennis why?" He asked making it obvious that he would know where Dennis is

Then N/A tried to calm herself down to not panic to much

"Hey it'll be alright my darling I'm sure you'll find him" he then lift her chin she then felt suspicious of something.

"What do you mean me? Aren't you a little agitated to?" She asked still feeling suspicious he only looked at her and made it serious this time

"What no no I haven't seen him honestly..." she then crossed her arms looking at him narrowing her eye lids. "Well then did you see tinkles anywhere?" He looked at her and started to sweat a little and smiled nervously.

"No... I haven't seen him either..." he didn't make eye contact with N/A but continued sweating

*A whole hour straight- and Dennis comes back time skip*

"Hi mama N/A I'm sorry that i was gone to long it's just it's sometimes comfortable in papa dracs cape" N/A looked at Dennis and ran to him giving him a huge hug almost squeezing him through the process

"Oh my god Dennis never ever do that again you almost gave me a heart attack when I couldn't find you!" She didn't let go of Dennis and then a past minutes she finally let go then Dennis looked at her and kinda felt tired N/A felt tired to. "Mama N/A I'm tired..." he yawned while rubbing his eyes

N/A crossed her arms looking down at the little kiddo but she insisted to put him in bed she tucked him in the blankets and he went to sleep right away.

"Well goodnight Dennis..." she yawned tiredly and fell asleep right next to Dennis then drac came in and grinned at the sight of his wife and Dennis both asleep at the same time while N/A is just lying next to Dennis

He went over to them and sat next to where N/A is lying and put her in the blankets to. And somehow he went to sleep as well

Till the next morning-...

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