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freshman // calum hood


meredith's pov

we were moving.

it's not like we were moving far, just to the next city over.

what bothered me most is my mom's lack of planning skills.

she says,"oh, we'll just go to the first high school we see and enroll you, no big deal hon."

i think its a pretty big deal.

i mean, freshman year is supposed to be one of the best right?

not right.

i am just trying to convince myself it'll be okay, to be honest. it still doesn't work so well.

freshman year is when you stay out of the way and try not to embarrass yourself, everyone knows that.

well, not my mother obviously.

we've argued about it multiple times, but it never helps. she doesn't understand. my step brother gets it, but since he graduated he won't tell her that.

he is most of the reason we moved, because the college he wants to go to is here. of course my mom will do anything for my step father, even if it makes me unhappy.

then again, stephen is eighteen and i'm only fourteen, i guess it makes sense that we moved for him. mom always told me college was important, and it all started freshman year.

they weren't abusive parents at all, they were very nice.

i didn't dislike phil, my step dad, i just didn't like the idea of someone replacing my dad. phil wouldn't ever be one of my favorite people, and sometimes when i tried really hard not to be i was pretty sassy with him.

every other weekend i have to stay with my dad, because i am not fifteen yet. at the age of fifteen i go to the court house with both of my parents and pick who i want to live with permanently until i am an adult.

i love my dad dearly, honestly. if he had a more suitable living environment i would be with him right now, and only see my mom every other weekend instead of all week too.

a one bedroom apartment with a half bath and not even a full kitchen just doesn't cut it. i could live there actually, it wouldn't be hard. i am a very low maintenance person, but my mother would never allow it, and sadly neither will the judge.

they split when i was eleven.

so for four years i've been traveling an hour every weekend to see my father.

with our 'big move' its only a fifteen minute drive, and twenty minute walk. that way i didn't have to hear my mom complain about what an old hag my father is. it never made sense, but my mother was never one to not talk nonsense.

our house was on the beach, in southern california. we pulled up to the three story house, and i rolled my eyes. my mom was a littler over the top, so everything she has has to be over the top as well.

we unpacked the car and dragged it all inside, for the first time i got first pick.

"since stephen won't be here except weekends, you can pick your room first." my mom said, smiling.

it still felt like she let me because she thinks it'll make me like phil more.

ha ha nope.

i ventured up the stairs with my suitcase dragging behind me.

the first room i came upon was too big, so i kept walking.

i checked ever door, zig-zagging from the left side to the right. there were four rooms up here, which means the whole family could live on just this floor.

but like i said, my mom is over the top, so there are two master bedrooms downstairs, and one on the third floor.

my dad could live on the top floor, of course it would be awkward but i know his schedule and he comes in and out when my mom's usually out.

i shook away the thought and sighed as i pushed open the last door on the left, also the last of the four.

it was medium sized, smaller than the other three. there was a bay window on the wall i faced and a balcony on the right of me.

the bed was a full, in between a queen and a twin. the closet was walk in and way too big for my liking but i had to deal.

the walls were gray, a darker color of gray. i loved it, i could hang lights up and everything.

"mom i pick the last room on the left!"

i scurried down the stairs to gather my other boxes and took them upstairs. disappearing for a few hours to unpack and decorate.


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