"All The Guns And Stuff?"

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Perci walked into the spare room to find Thor sitting on the floor in the corner, his head bent over and arms resting on his knees. His hammer had been placed in the centre of the bed, barely making a dent, funnily enough.

She didn't have to wonder why the God was like this. But with him facing the corner, the demigoddess was able to walk over to him without a sound.

The Saviour then sat behind him, their backs touching. He tensed when he finally realized he wasn't alone. Thor didn't think anyone could creep up on him. Well.

He was consumed with the loss of his brother and it was Lady Persephone, Heroine of Olympus.

She sighed against him, her head falling back to rest on his shoulder, "I've lost people too. Not my brother. Just, lots of people."

"He, he let go himself, My Lady. The people you lost were fighting for a cause. Loki just, let go."

The demigoddess felt him sigh, it being heavy with the guilt he held onto so fiercely.

"It's not your fault Thor."

"But it is my Lady. Had I pulled him to safety before he threw himself into the void..."

Perci shushed him. Honestly, she had no idea what to do. Actually, maybe she did. Thinking back to her mum's actions from when she was younger and had only just lost her friends.

The demigoddess used all her strength to pull him around and lay him in her lap, chest down between her legs. He seemed kinda shocked by this.

Probably not used to being manhandled by a girl.

The sea green-eyed woman moved his arms too. If anyone were to walk in, it'd probably look a little weird. The blonde God was lying in Perci's lap, his arms encircling her waist and his stubbled cheek was pressed against her hip.

When Perci first started camp and had been almost killed by Luke, she came home to her mother and this was how Sally held her.

Poseidon's Daughter held her breath and clenched and unclenched her fist. Then she did the next thing that Sally did.

She began to stroke Thor's hair.

Maybe she was doing this because she was going to marry him and needed to form a bond before anything did happen. Maybe it was because she could never imagine losing either of her brothers, Tyson and Triton and needed to make him feel better.

Aphrodite must be getting to her, because already Perci could feel a small flutter of nerves in her stomach, being this close to him. The demigoddess didn't believe in love at first sight. Some might. But she didn't.

They stayed like this for about ten minutes, until Perci realized that Thor had actually fallen asleep in her lap.


The jet landed on a massive battleship.

Perci elbowed Phil, "Does Nick really want me on this thing with all the guns and stuff."

The agent raised an eyebrow at her, "Don't worry. All eyes will be on you."

The demigoddess rolled her own eyes. She stumbled a little when the Quinjet moved back to align with the entrance, the ramp then dropped slowly, to reveal a red-headed assassin.

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