Beautiful-Bran Stark x Reader

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I started running and running until sore pains shot through my body. It feels like days since I have left; years since I was safe. When all the Starks left, when my brother took over, still haunts me with a sense of dread.

I love Theon more than anything but he messed up everything. I watched from my window as they knocked him out in the yard after his speech. I was able to flee before they came for me though. Guilt overtook me occasionally but I knew that Theon would've wanted me to get out safely.

I just missed all the good times I had at Winterfell with the Starks, especially Bran. We used to be climbing buddies until the fall. I learned from Theon before the takeover that Bran and I were even supposed to marry when we were of age because of the conflict of our houses.

Bran sat up in his bed when I entered. I didn't know what he was doing so I walked in and sat in a chair by his bed. "I brought you some...I guess it's study material...I'm not sure. Maester Luwin told me to bring them up." He smiled at me and I smiled back, handing him the books and papers.

"Thank you, Y/N. I really appreciate it." He whispered.

"Appreciate? Since when have you been so formal with me?" I grinned.

"I don't know, honestly." He laughed. "Probably since Robb left." His smile faded as quickly as it had come. "Do you miss him?" He looked out the window then to me.

"All the time."

He nodded, "Yeah."

It was silent for a few minutes before someone needed to break it. "You know, I was never told what you named your direwolf." I giggled.

"Summer." He smiled sweetly.

"Beautiful name."

I stopped by a tree to rest. It has been a while since I actually sat and breathed. I looked around at my surroundings, I could only see trees. I have no idea what direction I went in but I can't see any sign of Winterfell, which I take as a good sign.

I looked up at the leaves and the sky, the sun was right overhead and I sighed. What was I going to do at night? Where would I get food and water without any tools that would be useful?

As I was trying to plan my survival tactic, I felt something cold on my throat. I stopped moving. "Who are you?" A feminine voice came from behind me.

"Y/N," I said only loud enough for her to hear me.

"Do you have a last name?" She questioned, still with the blade to me.

I thought for a second. I can't give her my actual last name, my brother got betrayed by his own men and I didn't know who I was facing. "Snow." I lied.

"Meera!" Someone yelled from far behind us. She turned her head but kept the weapon where it was.

"Over here!" She yelled back.

"Who is this?" A boy said. He sounded familiar but I couldn't see anything but trees nor place the voice with anyone specific.

"She says her name is Y/N Snow." The girl said.

"Where are you from?" A different boy asked.

"Don't you think I would be a little more cooperative without a knife at my throat?" I retorted.

After a few seconds, the knife was away from me. I turned around, "I'm from the..."

Right there, in a wheelbarrow that was being moved by Hodor, was Brandon Stark. My best friend, Bran.

"Bran?" I understood who the familiar voice was from at that instant.

"Y/N?!" He looked around as if I wasn't alone. "Why are you so far from Winterfell? Where's your brother?" He asked the last one with a bit of worry in his tone.

"Theon's men betrayed him and I left before they came for me as well. I don't know where he is."

"Theon?" The other boy said, "Theon Greyjoy? So that makes you Y/N Greyjoy?"

I nodded. "I lied, I didn't know who you were or if you were friend or foe."

"I'm Jojen Reed and this is my sister Meera." He said.

"Nice to meet you." I smiled at him.

"We should get going," Meera said looking around then to Jojen. He nodded.

As Hodor started to pick up the wheelbarrow, Bran stated, "Hodor, go ahead with them, Y/N can help me in a second. I want to talk to her. Leave a trail for us to follow."

"Hodor." He put it back down gently and walked past me and gave me a smile, which I returned happily.

"How have you been?" He started, gesturing for me to sit next to him.

I did as directed "I feel like I should be asking you that. I was the one still in the warm room while you were doing...I don't know survive out here."

"You didn't answer the question, Y/N. And don't lie." Was all he said.

"I feel horrible. Theon left everything under total chaos and I don't know how anyone will fix it." I sighed. "Everyone thinks you and Rickon are dead because of him." I looked around, "Where is Rickon?"

"I sent him away with Osha for his safety." He answered.

"Oh...How have you been?" I asked. The question I have been wanting to ask since the fall somehow made me more nervous than ever.

"I miss everything. Home. My family. I even missed you." He said looking at me in a way he has never looked at me. Like he was searching my eyes for something.

I stayed quiet and just looked into his eyes as well. I never realized any of this from before. We leaned in at the same time and kissed. It didn't last very long though because Summer laid between us. We broke apart and I laughed as I pet the wolf. "Did I ever tell you that Summer was a beautiful name?"

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