1. Blueberry*

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Chapter One -- Blueberry

Louis exited the math class he was in and made his way down the hallway to his locker. He groaned loudly and dramatically when he saw the annoying curly haired boy from his English class, waiting for him to arrive.

"Hello, Lou." Harry smiled at him.

Louis sighed. "What would you like, Harry?"

"Do you have any gum? I always see you with it, giving it out to some of your friends and-"

"Run down the hall naked. Or in your boxers I guess."

"Erm, why?" He asked Louis. "That's kind of, I don't know, a stupid thing to do for a piece of gum..."

"If you want a piece of gum, you'll run down the hallway in your boxers."

"If I run down it naked will you give me two pieces?"

Louis chuckled. "Yeah, I can deal with that."

Harry nodded. "Okay, give them to me now so then I know you won't just do this to laugh at me like other kids probably would.."

"How about," Louis said. "I give you one piece now and one piece later in English?"

"Okay yeah, that sounds fair."

And so Louis gave the boy a piece of blueberry flavoured bubblegum, Harry smiled widely at him.

"I'll see you in English, Lou."

"Okay." Louis smiled, biting his lip subtly, trying to hold it back.

Harry walked to the bathroom with his backpack, and about two minutes later, came running out of the washroom with his backpack still on, stark naked.

Louis snorted. "I could get used to being in charge." He bit his lip again. "I could also get used to seeing that."

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