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Wolf's crown

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For many years now the people of Saratana have lived in constant struggle. The world has long been corrupted by the several races that inhabit the land, each race with their own alliances. The dwarves of the Great Inertos empire have lost control and wreak havoc  on drunken rampages killing men, women and children alike…someone really needs to clog there ale supply. The humans of the Andrano Shalk are no better, always at war for power and control. They attack and plunder out of greed and selfishness, there is no hope for the sad race, for as far back as the dawn of time the humans have been out of control and yet the world knew how to cope with it. The elves of the Sheralla dominion wait in secrecy, hiding in darkness, biding their time until peace befalls the people of Saranartara, but don’t think they’re not part of the problem. The elves are very territorial and violent out of fear, there have been reports of corpses being found with elven made weapons pierced through the bodies. Finally the orcs, the large masculine and however unintelligent  race, they do not wish to live in a land with only themselves so they do not create their own alliance they rather join the others who are scattered across the land of Saratana. The first orcs have breeded with every race in existence, so they all have different attributes from each race. From the humans, the orcs are very greedy like the humans and will do whatever it takes to gain power, they also side with the elves due to their long pointy ears and their resistance to magic, however they cannot use magic themselves. They have also side with the dwarves due to blunt low intelligence and inability to use magic, think of the dwarven side as buff zombies. Some orcs have been known to make their own small territories scattered through the land but live alone. The land is slowly being divided due to the countless wars caused by the sad beings that live there, little does the land know that they are forcing the gods to take action and summon their own champions to assist in purifying Saratana, now the story unfolds…..and yes the story was written in a human perspective, it was meant to be funny.

Chapter one: the kingdom without guidance

 As the story begins there is always an anticlimactic introduction to the protagonist…either stop reading now or suffer the repetition. The lovely princess of Talariah, Victoria; a 14 year old, with beautiful long and flowing brown hair was chosen by the goddess, Stelladora, the goddess of love and prosperity. Victoria stands 5’5 tall and armed with a smile that could make the most heinous of thieves turn themselves in and follow a righteous path, her beautiful brown eyes could warm the heart of the coldest of ice demons, given her elven heritage she is very skilled in magic and agility, her slender body captivates all of the men who lay eyes on her, but they never have the heart to say anything to her; is dancing in the courtyard with her evil sister Trenalia


 Before you ask, no she is not a chosen hero by any of the divines she is completely irrelevant but even a champion needs to have a family. Trenalia, a 20 year old dwarven woman who stands 2’9 with the heart and face of a troll, if she was any fatter she would be mistaken for a whale with legs, her thick coat of make-up makes her even more repulsive, her black hair drags on the floor (so she can feel like a black-haired Repunzel),her appearance along with her green eyes could make an untrained fellow toss its lunch, her ale keg belly makes everyone laugh no matter how dry the sense of humor. The sunlight festival is on this day in august, in tradition the daughters of the king must perform a sacred dance which has been known for generations.

Victoria lives in the castle with her evil step sister, evil step-mother, Gruntilda, a hag of a woman even at 40 years, she looks like a troll with hair. Her evil yellow eyes that stare into your soul would make even the strongest of men cry out in agony. Her face is textured with crow’s feet and frown lines. She is topped with sickly pale grey hair that will make even your stomach turn, dwarven just like her daughter, and at a 3’11 height. Her disturbing old lady cackle would scare an insubordinate child into behaving.

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