"Are We Going To Get Nicky?"

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Perci was running laps at the park, sometimes passing a coloured man who groaned every time she did pass him.

After about an hour, she stopped and started to stretch out her legs. She didn't even need to catch her breath.

The demigoddess took a deep sip from her water bottle. Running seemed to take her mind off Thor, who just up and left after about a year getting to know each other.

Poseidon's daughter stood up straight, twisted to the right then to the left, her spine crackling. Rolling and popping her neck, Perci noticed a black SUV parked across the road. And she could definitely tell it was for her.

The back door opened and Annabeth stepped out, "Oi! Seaweed Brain! Come here, want ya to meet someone."

Too surprised to see the blonde, Perci jogged across the road, over to her without even thinking, wondering what the hell was happening.

The Daughter of Athena swung the door wide, so she could get in. The sea green-eyed woman rose an eyebrow at the man sitting opposite her. Yes, the inside of the SUV was nice.

Leather seats and cup holders.

"Holy Hera cup holders!"

Annabeth, now sitting next to her facepalmed, "Of course, you'd be surprised by cup holders."

The man chuckled softly. His brown hair was thinning and he wore what looked like a pressed, fitted suit. One of those weird earpieces was also going off in his ear.

How he could stand hearing everything all so loud, considering Perci could hear it from all the way over there she would never know. He'll definitely be going deaf.

"Seaweed Brain, this is Phil Coulson, Son of Athena."

"Yeah? Nice to meet ya, welcome to the family," The Sea's Daughter grabbed his hand and shook it. Phil winced at her strength, but she barely noticed it.

"And you Miss Jackson. It is a pleasure to meet you."

She shrugged, a little embarrassed and sat back in her seat.


"You want me to what?"

Phil looked at her blankly, "I need you to help in getting the Tesseract back. Loki's taken it and I'm pretty sure that's a bad thing."

Sally was sitting next to Perci, nursing a cup of coffee, while the agent stayed standing. The two other agents were busy stuffing their faces full of blue cookies in the kitchen.


"Why me?"

"Loki might listen to you."

She blew a raspberry, "Yeah, I only met him once and he barely said anything because I was too busy running out the room, not to mention that was, what? About two years ago."

He shrugged, "I heard. But you're known among all cultures. You could still reason with him, seeing as you're supposed to his sister-in-law."

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