You catch him

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Liam- You had been out shopping for about 2 hours or so because it was Liam's and yours anniversary next week and you bought him so much stuff, so when you arrived home you made sure he wasn't around so you could quickly hide the stuff somewhere. After you hide them you called out Liam's name but he hadn't respond, so you starting walking to the bedroom only to hear grunts and moans, you quickly thought bad things so rushed to the room but you only saw Liam with his eyes shut and head thrown back while he was jerking off to nudes you sent to him before, you started to feel turned on so you decided to help Liam release. "Liam baby." You said getting undressed as you walked over to him. "Shit! Y/n, I'm sorry." He said quickly covering himself but you grabbed at his wrist before he did. "It's ok, do you want me to help?" You said getting on your knees infront of him and wrapping your hands around him. "Fuck Y/n yes!" He moaned out. You sucked at his swollen tip until he had enough of your teasing. "Fuck Baby stop teasing me and suck me like a good girl you are." He grunted as he pulled your hair into a ponytail, with that being said you quickly brought him to the back of your throat and you could hear his moans and him cursing out your name. "Oh fuck baby I'm so close! Just like that!" He yelled, you felt him twitch so you moaned against him and with that it sent him to the edge and shot his load down your throat. "You don't need to swallow." He said while you pulled him out of your mouth with a pop and you swallowed and stood up straddling his lap. "It's ok daddy, you taste good anyway." You said kissing him. "Thank you love, do you want me to repay?" He said as he picked you up. "No it's fine just seeing you release felt good." You said kissing him and walking off to start cooking for him since you already ate.

Louis- (His P.O.V.)
Y/n had been out with her friends and my friend started getting alittle excited so I quickly ran up to our room and took a picture of it and sent it to y/n saying 'someone misses you;)' and with that I started jerking off there. I had been going on for a while and I was to distracted to hear Y/n come home so when I felt a pair of lips around me it startled me quite a bit. "Oh fuck Y/n when did you get here?" I moaned as she brought me all the way down her throat. "Just got here daddy." She said as she started to run her thumb over my slit. "Oh fuck baby I can't I need to be inside you." I said while grabbing her and taking her skirt and underwear off. "Eager now are we Daddy?"she moaned as I stuck a finger in her and started going fast. "Oh yes daddy right there!" She yelled, I pulled my finger out and started to rub my dick on her clit and make her beg for me. "Beg for it kitten." I groaned. "Fuck me till I can't take no more!" She yelled while bucking her hips up to meet mine, I pushed her down and pounded into her. "Oh yes fuck me harder daddy just like that!" She moaned out moving her hand to her clit and rubbing herself. "I'm so close" I said thrusting into her, I started slowing down and pulled out of her. "Fuck yourself" I said as I started palming myself watching her whimper at the lost contact. "Daddy please." She moaned sticking 2 fingers in herself. "Ugh Baby I'm so close." I moaned out and with 2 more pumps I came. "Daddy help!" She said still fingering herself. I stuck my fingers inside her and went fast and hard, after a few seconds she came and was shaking. I laid next to her watching her fall asleep and then falling asleep shortly after.

Niall- I was coming home when I heard moaning and Niall's grunts, I was scared so I went to where I heard it and it came from the movie room we had. "Mmm Y/n." Niall moaned as I watched him jerk himself off to porn. I walked over to him taking my pants and underwear off and straddled him. "Baby you want some help?" I said as I sunk myself down on him. "Oh fuck kitten, you take me so well" he said as he grabbed your hips and rocking you back and forth. "You like that huh? The way I ride your cock like the dirty slut I am?" You moaned out bouncing yourself on him slow and hard. "Oh yea baby just like that" Niall groaned out throwing his head back. "Your so big Daddy!" You said quickening your pace. "Your so tight, I'm so close love!" He said as he gripped your waist harder. "Just like that!" He said as you felt him twitch and cum inside you. "Ugh Niall!" You said cuming shortly after him. You relaxed yourself with him still inside you, you put your head on his shoulder and breathed heavily along with him. "So glad you did that love." Niall said pulling your head so he could kiss you. "Anything for you Nialler." You said getting off him and putting your underwear on and sitting next to him falling asleep.

Zayn- Zayn and you were asleep or atleast you were until you felt Zayn moving to much. "Zayn love stop moving." You whispered while turning to face him, you saw him laying down and jerking off. "Zayn are you horny? Want me to help?" You asked as he looked at you but didn't stop. "No babe go to bed I'm almost close." He breathed out heavily. You didn't turn away instead you went under the sheets and moved his hands away. "Babe you don't have to." He said feeling guilty. You kissed his stomach all the way to his tip. "Mmm baby just suck me already." He whined, so you started sucking him and playing with his balls and that usually made him cum quick. "Y/n" he moaned out as you deepthroated him. You felt him twitch and he came but you didn't stop you kept going. "Y/n I came stop." He said pulled the sheets off alittle to tell you he's done but then he got what you were doing, you were trying to make him cum again. "You like that baby?" You moaned against him which drove him crazy. "Y/n I'm close!" He said twitching. "Cum for me daddy." You said and he quickly came, you came back up from the sheets and laid your head on his chest listening to his heartbeat slow down. "Your amazing y'know?" He said kissing your forehead after that you fell asleep.

Harry- You came home eager because Harry had sent you a picture of his dick which was hard. "Harry!?" You yelled. "I'm here!" He yelled back, you ran upstairs to see him slowly jerking off. "Baby that looks like it hurts" you said looking at his red swollen dick. "It does now please help" He said as he moved his hand. "Want me to go on my knees and suck Your swollen cock?" You said kneeling infront of him and giving it kitty licks. "Yes! Suck my cock baby please!" He said now begging and running his thumb over your bottom lip. "Ok daddy" you said as you sucked his tip only. "Mmm that feels so good but baby my cock needs to feel your lips all the way down." He said pulling your hair back. You moved your hand up and down and started sucking him while innocently looking up at him and batting your lashes. "Look at you looking so innocent sucking my cock, you like that huh baby?" He said gripping your hair tighter, you moaned against him and that was enough to make him cum down your throat. "Oh god your the best y/n" Harry said and he pulled you up and laying you down next to him. "Anything for you daddy." You said yawning and falling asleep.

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