6; Who am i? a matchmaker?

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Young love that's what they say they have, too fearless, too reckless. No knowledge of what's going to happen, not knowing the difference between what's right, what's wrong for them.They say a lot of things, some true, some not. They say it out of their own experiences. And none should live the life according to someone else's experiences. Life and love should be your own experience.

It's yours anyway, not theirs.

People call them crazy, lunatic for being different, for liking the madness behind that one thing we all want to endure, love. You can't find what they have, you can mock them for being crazy yet they are here together, crazy in love, getting stronger by the day. They saw a dream together, have a family, a house and everything in between.

The two with nothing but mad love for each other, Jimin and you.

You feel his lips against your shoulder, soft and scorching and tender, so gentle you could almost believe it's the kiss of a breeze and not him.

Love is an untamed force. When we try to control it, it destroys us. When we try imprison it, it enslaves us. When we try to understand it, it leaves us feeling lost and confused.

"Okay, how about this?" You pick up the beautiful silk blue tie from the many, placed on the big, brown set of draws.

"No," Jimin states quietly, rubbing hands up and down, ever so softly and slowly. He not only touches you like a soft, tender feather but also treats you like one.


"I don't like it." He drawls.

You sigh, turning around to face him completely, "Alright then."

Without any second thoughts, you push him away and make your way out of the closet. Jimin inhales sharply, following behind, "Babe," both enter back in the room. The room is still a little dark with a few lamps lit in the corners of the room and the curtains are slightly open.

Jimin back hugs, wrapping his arms around you, tightly. You try to wiggle out of his grip but that only make him tighten his grip more, annoying you further. "If you didn't want to wear a tie to the meeting today. Why did you ask at the first place?"

He places his chin right on your shoulder, pouting, "I wanted to spend time with you. Everyone left early, so I thought we could have some alone time, hmm." Jimin says in his cute baby voice that he always used when he wants things to be done his way.

You can't stop yourself from rolling your eyes this time, but it is a relief that he can't see. With a sigh, you say, "You're so childish, Park Jimin."

In a flash, Jimin spins you and puts his lips on yours. You're unresponsiveness at first, while his lips move against yours. But then, you play the part, pulling him closer and deepening the kiss. Both feel everything, the burning feeling of passion. The kiss turns into a full blown make out session, hands moving and fondling each other. After sloppy and deep kisses, parting away slowly, breath heavy. Inhaling the much needed oxygen deeply and hungrily, as if spent too much time under water.

"And you love me anyway," Jimin coos, resting forehead against yours.

Softly moving fingers to cup his face, you smile big that definitely reaches your eyes. "Of course, I'll love you no matter how fucked up it gets." Complicated as he is, there's no man out there in the world who can love you as madly and crazily as Jimin.

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