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You never know the whole truth .

Mary's POV

I saw something shiny on her finger and my heart sunk it was a......

It was a marriage ring .  When I tell you my heart sunk I mean it it sunk .  I stopped the elevator door before it closed .  I felt betrayed.

I looked at them both .

"I'm sorry but who are you ?" I asked the girl .

"I'm Ethan's wife , and you ?" It was all lies .

"One of his workers I came to tell him something about the company. How long have you and him been married ?" I lied .

"3 years now ." She smiled .

"Ethan  I need to talk to you in private. Excuse us ." I said pulling Ethan into his room .

"So you used me for fun ?"

"Kinda ." He replied.

" Were All the I love you's a lie?" Tears were glossing my eyes .

He nodded .

"All the Promises were lies ?"

"The kisses , the dates , the cuddles were they all just lies ?" A tear slipped my eyes .

He nodded his head yes again.

"Do you really think that one day you will find a boyfriend ?"  He looked at me as if he was shaming me .

"For me you'll always be a whore cause that's who you really are ."  He chuckled while I stood there and felt as if I was getting stabbed in the back a thousand times.

"Well I'm sorry for being a slut that deserves to die . Right ?" I felt the familiar darkness taking over me slowly.

"You finally understand it . I don't love you ." He laughed in my face . I felt embarrassed.

"Well Grayson does !"

"No he doesn't it's all a show we put on for you . I just used you for a couple fucks and a break from my wife ." I felt a sharp pain in my heart .

He was destroying me second by second.

"You made me almost die so many times and you didn't care ." I snapped .

"I used you as a shield  to protect my wife , my money , and myself. Oh and I can't forget my son that's on the way ." My life just kept getting worse .

I ripped the necklace off of my neck that Grayson gave to me as a gift . I threw it somewhere in the room. Everything was all lies .  I helped someone that didn't need help . I almost died just so I can protect a monster and his lying family. 

"I had to protect my empire even if it meant to use a worthless gullible slut . I guess god heard my prayers because he gave me you ." He said as a wicked smile grew on his lips  .

I wiped away my tears and recollected my self .

"Y-You just stripped me apart . I'm not even sad or mad , I'm disappointed  that you could be so dirty ." I didn't even shout I just said it in a calm tone of voice . 

"That's just how I roll princess." He winked.

"Don't you understand that you took away so many important things in my life ." I wanted to cry .

"What a coincidence that she's pregnant . Because I can't and will never get pregnant and it's  all your fault . You took that away from me . You took away something that meant so much to me . It must be nice to be her . She's giving this world a new human being that's going to be successful like his daddy . That little baby boy is going to be the the most handsome. He's going to wake up everyday knowing that his parents love him so dearly. He's going to turn 16 and still have his parents alive and well . He's not going to suffer ,  not one bit .  H- H - He Is going to be the best son this world is ever going to give you . I wish nothing but the best for him . I'm going to look at him on tv and say " he's just like his daddy hard working and strong ." But I have to lie to myself because his father isn't what he seems to be .  But I'm happy for you . I hate you but I wish nothing but the best . I'm sorry I was just a worthless whore  . Tell Grayson I'm sorry ." I closed my eyes and let out a deep breath .

We walked out of his room and back to the elevator  doors.   I took one last good look at him before I left .

"I guess this is it . It  was nice meeting you Dolan .  I'll never forget those moments when you made me smile , laugh , and most importantly those moments when you made me feel like I was worth living on this earth.  But now I know that I'm not worth a life anymore . Good bye  ." I got in the elevator and as the doors were closing I gave him a soft smile . Then I broke down .

Tears were rushing down my face . I cried like I've never cried before. This cry was worse than when my parents died. I feel stupid for actually thinking he was the one.  I should've known that moment when I caught him talking about me in the janitors closet back in high school .

Ethan's POV

Christina my beautiful lovely wife, god she is literally my whole world . I knew from the moment I met her back in 8th grade that she was going to be mine .  When I created this company I started in 10th grade . I knew that this was going to be my empire the way I'm going to support my family. When my company started making tons of money i started to get threats a lot . I needed a shield to protect me and Christina that's when I met Mary . I made her fall for me as fucked up it may be I did it . Every threat I got she was the target not Christina . I kept it up until now. Now I have the best security to protect the company and my soon family. Me and my wife got married in 11th grade . She just had to be mine forever. Our parents accepted it and we had a huge beautiful wedding. It was probably one of the best days of my life . She looked so beautiful in her dress that I cried when I saw her walking down the isle . She's probably the best thing that ever happened to me . Her smile lights up any room . I feel safe in her embrace she has everything a woman has to offer and much more.  She is so understanding that she let me do what I did with Mary just to protect her . And look at us now , 3 years strong with a baby boy on the way .  God couldn't have given me a better gift than other my family . 

Right now I'm glad that I'm done with Mary honestly she was the clingiest person ever . She always cried , it bothered me so much .  Well I hope that the whore actually finds a boyfriend that will love her with all those ugly scars .

She will never find a person to love . She's going to be forever unloved......

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