Care For You

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Gray held on to his child with arms meant to protect and shield. She shivered in the cold, the bitter air hitting the two of them in places that they couldn't even begin to understand. They had been trapped in this cell for what felt like forever, the time inching by slower than than the growing of their hair.

Gray was terrified for what would become of them. Well not necessarily himself, but his precious daughter. Gracen was only a small, fragile three year old, her fourth birthday a few months away.

Her father had tried her entire life to give her whatever she needed and wanted. His wife, Gracen's mother, has died in the labor of child birth, and Gray had been all Gracen had from her very first second of life.

The sudden movement in his arms startled Gray out of his thoughts, and he looked down to notice his baby girl stretching in his arms.

"Daddy?" Gracen's small, childlike voice asked.

"I'm right here, sweetheart," he whispered gently, bursting the loose strands of hair away from her face.

Gracen shivered and pushed herself closer to her father, the only figure of comfort she had. "I'm cold, Daddy," she whined, curling up into an even smaller ball. "I wanna go home."

Gray's heart clenched painfully in his chest, forcing him to swallow to prevent the tears from coming. He had to remain strong for his daughter, even if he only wanted to break down himself.

"I know, my sweet girl," Gray said soothingly. "And you will." He would make sure of that. Even if he didn't make it out of these prison cell, he would make sure that his innocent daughter did.

"Daddy it's so cold," she cried, her body shivering violently. All she had on was a small pair of black leggings, a pink sweatshirt, and thin socks underneath her winter books. It may have been fine from where they lived in Virginia, but not when they were stuck in the middle of Alaska in a nonheated room.

"I know, baby," he murmured, gathering her closer. He hoped that his body heat would help keep his daughter warm. But it didn't seem to be doing very good at all.

He eventually decided that Gracen was much more important than himself, so he removed his fleece lined jacket and cacooned it around his child, tucking her in tightly. As he finished the deed, he cursed himself for not doing it sooner.

"Is that better, sweetheart?"

Gracen nodded, still snuggling into her father even though she was no longer as cold.

They remained silent for a while, the only sound being their breathing hitting the concrete walls. But eventually, a loud rumble broke through the room, startling Gray harshly.

"What was that?" he mumbled underneath his breath.

His daughter answered him, even though he wasn't sure she had heard his earlier words. "That was my tummy, Daddy," she told him.

He looked down into the soft eyes of his three year old daughter. "Is that so?" he asked, gasping. "How can such a small tummy make such a loud sound?"

He managed to earn a giggle out from Gracen. "It's hungry, Daddy. I can't help it."

Gray smiled, even though he wanted to win on the inside. It had been almost a full day since they had last been fed, and even though Gray was handling it okay, his precious daughter was not.

"Is my precious little baby hungry?" he calmly asked. "I think someone should fix that, shouldn't they?"

Before Gracen could answer, the door to thief cell was being banged open, startling the two back.

"Yes, I think they should." The voice that spoke was deep, and it caused a whimper to escape Gracen. "Aw, I'm not going to hurt you sweet Grace."

She didn't look up at him, only shuffled closet to her father, who's arms instantly tightened around her.

Gray stared straight ahead at the man, not being able to stare into his eyes due to the black mask that covered his face entirely.

"What do you want?" Gray hissed. He was tired of dealing with these people, and he just wanted it all to be over, and for his daughter to be safe.

"I'm just here to bring the food," the visitor announced, holding his hands up in defense.

"Then where is it?"

The man grabbed the brown paper bag off of the floor, and walked it over to the father and daughter, setting it in front of them.

"I hope you enjoy it whole you still can." And with that, the man was gone, the door slamming behind him.

"He's gone now, sweetheart," Gray cooed to his daughter as she slowly lifted her head.

"Why did he come?" her voice squeaked out.

"He brought your hungry little tummy food, sweet girl."

Gracen instantly perked up. "Really? Can I have it?"

Gray nodded, pulling out the food that was packed inside the bag. Inside laid two peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, one visibly smaller the the other one. Then there was a full sized water bottle and a tinier one, followed by a single bag of raisins and cut celery.

Gray studied the food, and decided that his daughter needed more than him. He handed the larger sandwhich to Gracen, taking the smaller one for himself. Then he laid out two napkins for the both of them, shaking out half of the raisins and celery.

"I don't like the green sticks, Daddy," Gracen admitted after she tried half of one.

Gray sighed. "I know, baby, but can you please try and eat them for me? It'll make Daddy and your little tummy happy."

Gracen tried to eat the celery for her daddy, but after two more bites she decided that she couldn't. Gray sighed at this, and instead let her eat the laid out raisins, while he ate the vegetable his daughter did not care for.

"Daddy?" Gracen said after a moment.

"Yes, sweetheart?"

"My hands are messy and icky."

Gray chuckled at this and took the remaining napkin out to wipe her hands and face. She giggles when she was all clean and Gray pressed a kiss to her cheek.

"You're silly," she told him.

He shrugged, picking his child back up into his arms. He wrapped his jacket back around her, watching as she snuggled into it and as he shivered.

Once she was secure, he grabbed the smaller bottle of water and drunk a full or two from it, handing the rest to his child. They needed to save it anyway.

"Daddy aren't you cold?" Gracen asked after a moment.

Gray only shrugged.

"You can have your jacket if you want, I'll be okay."

Gray wanted to cry at his three year old sounding so mature. She was too young to think of such things.

"No, sweet girl, it's okay. I'm fine. You're all I care about."

She frowned. "You should care about you too, Daddy."

"How could I when I have such a precious little girl to take care of?"

Gracen smiled, but tilted her head up to look at her father. "Well if you don't care about you, then I will."




I hope you all enjoyed this little one shot! I loved writing it, and sorry for the terrible title haha.

Anyway, stay tuned for more one shots! These are so fun to do!

Have a great day, until next time.

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