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"Happy valentine's Day baby !!"

"Happy valentine's Day Evan . "

"Melissa I have a surprise for you baby . "

"What ??"

"Baby it's a surprise . I cannot tell you like this.  Get ready by 8pm . We are going out . "

"Is it an official date Mr Evan ? "

"May be Miss Melissa . "

"Okay now lemme get ready , it's already 6pm . Talk to you later.  Love you . "

"Love you more.  " And I hung up .

Awe I am so lucky to have Evan with me.  He is the best thing that happened to me.  And today we are going on a date !! 

I rushed to my wardrobe to find a perfect dress for the occasion . I found a red dress .

I quickly went to the washroom and got ready. 

I came outside curled my hair , applied some make up and I am done .

After sometime I heard the honking of Evans car and I rushed outside .

"Hey babe.  You look gorgeous . " Evan said .

"You look more handsome today ."

"So where are we going today ? "

"To Nash's farmhouse . "

Nash was his best friend .

"Why there ? "

"It's big and beautiful.  "

"It's scary and is hunted . "

"Come on baby . We went there everyday since he left 2 days back . "

"Are you sure ?"

"Yes baby . "

"And how did he allow you to go there alone . He never gives the keys to anyone . "

"I made another key for the villa , so that we can go there.  And when Nash comes I will surprise him.  " He said laughing. 

"Gosh Evan , you are mad . Okay let's go . "

We arrived at the villa nearly after 20 mins.  It was on the outskirts of the city and was at a very isolated place .

The very sight of this house scared me. 

We entered into the house with the spare keys .

"Isn't that Nash's car ? " I said pointing to the car parked at the garage . "How's this parked here.  You said he went to his mom's place.  "

"Even I don't know baby.  I think he took the other one . Thus it's parked here.  Come on now . Let's go.  "

We went inside and sat on the sofa.  Everything was dark.  I tried to get up and switch on the lights but Evan held my hand .

"Where are you going ? "

"To switch on the lights . "

"I won't let you go baby.  "

"Then catch me if you can !!"

I said pushing him.  I ran and he ran behind me . It was such a funny moment .  We both were running like kids playing in the garden untill I hit some random object on the floor and fell down . 

"Ohh baby !!! Get up . Are you fine ? Am sorry dear . This all happened because of me .". He helped me to get up . And then he screamed !!

"What happened ? " I asked concerned . I was hell scared. 

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