Part 20

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When I woke up the next morning I checked my phone to see I got approved for a house but not the one I wanted. It was a Two bedroom condo with a One in a half bath and a study.Pretty big If you think so. I got outta bed and went to take a shower and get dressed. When I finished and got dressed I put on some cheetah print yoga pants with a pink areopostal shirt and some footie socks and jordan sandals.I picked out the twins outfits. Ember was wearing a a pink tutu and a white tee shirt with Minnie mouse on it with her jean jacket with some silver baby doll shoes.  Ian was wearing some khaki beige shorts with a navy plain blue shorts and some navy blue converse. When they were done getting dressed I brushed there teeth and washed there face.

-In the car-

We were all listening to Fancy and I stopped at Mc.Donalds for some lunch and we went to see the house or condo whatever.  When we got there I looked around and when I turned around I couldn't believe who I saw.....

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