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-Chapter 21


Lisa's Point of View:

"What a pleasant morning!" I smiled brightly and stretched my arms because do you know what day it is?

It's Friday! The day I've been longing for all week. Also known as recovery day, because this day is designated for my lovely hibernation but seeing that I have plans set for this afternoon, I shall move it to Saturday. Speaking of plans, I shall go to the bathroom to wash the sleeping side effects away.

After a while of doing my morning routine, I decided to go get my laptop and place it on my lap. I turned it on and waited patiently.

I only got an electric shock once I saw who was calling me.


I smiled and accepted it, only to see a very surprised expression on his face. "Good morning, Jungle Book!" I greeted and giggled at his offended look.

"Oh no, you didn't!" He imitated the look of a insulted diva and I laughed at how extra he was.

"Anyways, why were you crying?" He had a concerned and serious look equipped and moved his face closer to the screen and my forehead creased.

Me? Crying? When? What?

I went to my mirror and saw tear stains on my face. "Huh?" My fingers went through them as questions popped into my mind.

Since when did I absent-mindedly cry?

I shrugged it off and settled myself in front of my laptop. "Let me guess..." He had a calm look on and u tilted my head on the side while having a skeptical look, waiting for an answer.

Please don't tell me overprotective Jungkook is going to say that Taehyung is behind it.

"You were listening to "The Truth Untold"." He laughed and I looked at my phone immediately. He wasn't wrong about it.

"Pshh, Magic Shop is better than that." He continued cackling and I rolled my eyes in disapproval.

"The Truth Untold gives me the feels, get it?" I scoffed and he didn't stop. "Just because your bias gave some contribution it." That made him stop.

"He's good at everything, what can I say?" He had that smug and meme face on and both of his eyebrows raised twice.

"Okay, Jungle Book I do understand that you're obsessed with Jungkook but you're actually starting to even act like him. I was actually planning to bring you to a fan meeting and have the two of you get married there so you could forget about me and live your lives happily." I told him worriedly and he had a grumpy face.

"Let me tell you for the hundredth time that I'm Jeon Jungkook the nobody and not Jeon Jungkook the famous artist. Also, I am NOT obsessed with BTS Jungkook." He puts emphasis to his "not" while rolling his eyes so I decided to tease him more.

"Well, you seem to be more in love with him than me." I pouted and pretended that I was about to cry, his facial expression softens and I smirked on my inside knowing that it is working.

"Ofcourse I love you more than him because I never loved him in the first place. Also, who says that I'm an ARMY? I only like their songs." He continues and I remained pouting.

Little did he know that I could hear him say the fanchant from his room everytime he watched their performance.

I smirked at his failed attempt at concealing his liking for the group. But anyways, I shall continue my spell.

"Do you love me more than anything?" I gave the puppy eyes.

"More than anything." He's under the spell and he repeats.

"Really? More than anything?" I slumped my lips with closed palms beside my cheeks.

"More than anything." He said in a monotonous voice.

"Even more than your video games?"

"That, I can make an exception." He pointed at something and he laughs at my disappointed expression. If we were with each other in real life I would smacked the heck out of this kid.

"Hmph." and with that, I ended the call.

He calls me back and I declined every single one of them.

Damn, this kid is too determined and good at spamming.

As he reached the 50th attempt, I accepted it and gave up.

"I hate you, don't talk to me." I crossed my arms and huffed looking away from the laptop's monitor. Once I heard silence, I glanced at the screen and my jaw drops.

No, no, please. Not the sad eyes, those are my weaknesses.

"Forgive me, please?" He coos and I felt myself going weak.

Jeon Jungkook turning me grumpy to weak with only his voice.

"Yeah, okay, but please don't ever use those on me ever again." I told him nodding.

"Pwease?" He does it again.

"I forgive you, Jack." I decided to joke and I saw him tense up.

"Please do tell me that Jack is the one from the movies and not one in real life." He said seriously and I laughed.

"Jack is real." I replied.

"Oh, really? Then I might as well book a flight to America and go meet that John or whoever that guy is." He gave me that serious expression of yesterday's and I laughed.

"Don't worry, Jack's the one from The Titanic." I chuckled at his overprotective side. I can hear him heave a sigh.

Silence engulfed the line and I tried to think of something to tell him about.

"So um, today, I'll be picked up by Taehyung because of you know, Jennie's situation." I mustered a smile but deep down, I feel really bad for my best friend. I looked down while playing with my fingers.

"Lisa, you're the kindest person I've ever known and I'm sure that you'll be able to help Jennie remember your memories together." I heard Jungkook's reassuring voice and faced the monitor only to see Jungkook giving me an encouraging smile while mouthing "fighting!" with one fist raised.

At this point, I already feel motivated just because of his smile.

I am the luckiest girl in the world.

"You're not even bothered by my mention of Taehyung?" I decided to tease him to get rid of my sad vibe.

Unexpectedly, he gave out a laugh while shaking his head. "You said that you forgave him, which is why I forgive him too." He smiled uncontrollably and I laughed along with him.

It was only yesterday that I felt misfortune hit me like a tsunami. But now, because of the meteor of happiness that hits me it felt like it happened last week.

-Chapter 21 End

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