Chapter 4: A New Conundrum

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I looked upon myself in the mirror thinking about everything that happened to me last night. I thought about how her encounter with Sherlock had an impact on how I was going live. After a while of thinking through things, I thought that I needed to let it go even for just today, so I walked to the stove putting on a kettle and waited for it to boil.

As the kettle loudly whistles, I turned the stove off and took the kettle to pour some tea into my cup. I sighed feeling unmotivated to even go to work today, but I knew that I owe Greg a day since yesterday was quick to become a great disaster. I sipped some tea as I was thinking about last night all over again.

I shook my head to prevent myself from thinking. This has become the root of everything for me: overthinking. I didn't like it anymore, it was too much for me. But the main thing that was stuck in my head was the fact that Sherlock seemed to be lost for words as I asked him about performing a deduction. It was as if he can't read me.

Time passed by quickly and before I knew it, it was already time for me to go. I grabbed my coat and other stuff that I needed. I checked my phone one last time, I grabbed the keys given to me by Mrs Hudson last night and went with my way. As I was walking down the flight of stairs, I couldn't help but look through the open door of Sherlock's flat. It was quiet and it was as off no one has been there. I was assuming that he was still asleep due to the silent atmosphere, so I continued on my way out. Surprisingly, Mes Hudson was not out and about. I opened the door and I was immediately met by the cold air of the stormy morning. The clouds were grey making everything else look gloomy but even with this, people were still buzzing about on the street.

I called out for the taxi that was parked just a block away and fortunately, it was fast enough and not so long after I was in the taxi. I told the cabbie of where I was going and I then proceeded with my own business. Not so long in my quiet ride, my phone buzzed surprising me since no one really knew my number but, I didn't care anyway so I just checked it. To my dismay, it was the person. Whom I didn't want to talk to any particular reason.

Scotland Yard immediately

The only way that Sherlock could have known my number is if he fiddled with my files. I rolled my eyes and replied.

You go too far, Mr Holmes.

He didn't reply but that didn't come as a surprise to me. I continued to watch the world through the lightly tinted windows of this cab, and as minutes pass by, I noticed that the sky begins to darken. It looked like it was going to pour a heavy shower. Before I knew it, droplets of rain started falling from the sky on the roads. People started to run around finding shelter from the rain.

I frowned thinking about how unlucky the timing of this storm is, but instead of complaining a little further, I made sure that I was ready to get a little soaked.
We approached the Yard and I asked the cabbie to drop me off somewhere near the entrance. He gladly complied.

I then paid the cabbie and ran to the entrance. Although I was covered by my coat, it wasn't that enough to keep me from getting wet. Soon as I got into the building, I dried myself a bit with the same coat before going to the reception to register myself since I still didn't have my employee ID.

'Hi, I'm Perrie-' I said to the receptionist but before I can even say another word, she decided to cut me off.

'Oh, yes. No need to register, Mr Greg asked for you to immediately report.' The receptionist said making my life just a little easier. I then proceeded to the lift where I was squashed in the middle since the lift was quite full. I pressed on the floor where Greg's office is, and I waited, as cold droplets of rain ran down from my arm to the floor. Although I tried to make myself as dry as I can be, the rain was strong enough to penetrate my coat.

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