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-Chapter 20

Failed Attempts

Jungkook's Point of View:

I looked to my right and there I saw the girl I tried avoiding. To my surprise, she returned my stare and smiled while waving at me. I can see her hands grab the bag as her figure stood from the seat. Panic invades me successfully as of this moment.

Call me paranoid and all that, but you don't know what Kim Yerim can do.

"Jimin, move faster. We have to go." I commanded forcefully as I removed my eyes from the window.

I took Jimin's arm and walked faster, muttering apologies to people I bump into. "Please tell me that you're not being hunted by the mafia that you're acting all secret agent now." He spoke pleadingly and I faced him with that "are you serious" look since we're just waiting for the bus to arrive. His expression is priceless and looked like he just saw a kitten die.

"Yeri's here, remember?" I told him with forehead creased and arms crossed.

"Ahh, and she's following us?" He asked me, looking absent-minded and I just nodded in response. "Wait, she's actually following us?" He gave me that earlier expression of his. The specific one when I said that Yeri was here.

"Yes, Jiminie-Pabo." I smacked his head and facepalmed.

"Hey!" At first, I thought it was Jimin who exclaimed but then the voice was coming from my back as Jimin had wide eyes and can clearly see who just called me.


I shut my eyes in frustration.

Oh come on, why did it have to be now?

"Jungkook! Jimin! Hey!" I can clearly hear her voice despite my tense figure and having my muscles shut down. I could smell her strong perfume nearing my sniffing sense.

"Oh! Hey Yeri! What are you doing here?" Jimin took the initiative to talk on my behalf since he knows I am not functioning as of the moment. How do I know? He gave me that soft and meaningful glance.

"Oh, umm. I- My father asked me to check how the family's business is doing." She stuttered the first few words and as she stated the last Jimin's and my jaw dropped.

Wait, what did she just say?

"What?" I joined in, probably looking flabbergasted as ever. She turned her direction to me and smiled which gave me the shivers.

"And... not only that but I have some really really good news." Her eyes brightened up while mine only got wider.

I just hope that "good news" is actually good.

I bit my lip nervously and I can also see Jimin do the same from my peripheral view. "Well, what exactly is that "good news" you're referring to?" Jimin broke the silence while crossing his two arms.

Yeri pursed her lips before continuing. "Turns out that my father decided that I'll work here." She stated and my nerves, bones, muscles, immune system, and every part of my body stopped functioning. My eyes even popped out of its place.

"Working with Yeri? Haha, good luck boiii." My gamer self went in the scene.

I rolled my eyes at my other self then replying. "It's not only me that will be affected, idiot. Jungkook as a whole would be damaged."

"Yeah, yeah, Jungshook, gamer boy will still be savage as ever getting that penta kill. Not to mention slaying them all in just a split second." He laughed and I scoffed at his arrogant remark on himself.

"Let's see about that when we see the Golden Maknae in the crime scene." I smirked triumphantly.

"Wait, what? So you wouldn't be affected by it? Aren't we both Jungkooks here?" Gamer Jungkook blinked his eyes in confusion.

"Yeah we both are, but between the both of us, your so-called "skillz" would be nothing without the Golden Maknae, afterall he's your dad." I smiled teasingly.

"Oh, and since when did we have a family tree?" He looked perplexed and I cackled.

"The day you proclaimed that International Playboy would be your son."

"Hey! I never said that!" He whined and I continued my action.

"The day I passed by your room, you were like, "Hmm, how about playing with hearts and not just with games? Ooh! How about a new family member? International Playboy, you shall be born soon." I mimicked his gestures and arm movements. They were all looking proud and hefty which were far from his actual gestures by that time. I just had to make them large in attempts to tease the younger.

He pouted at me and I cracked up. "Look at you, you're having that look from the day you lost on your very first game."

"Don't. Even." He gave me a threatening look and tone and I acted like I was actually scared.

"You're staying out of character so look shook." He spoke seriously and I gave up.

"Alright, alright. It's not my fault that you had to come in that exact moment."

Back to Reality:

"Jungkook? Jungkook? Are you okay?" I could see Yeri looking at me worriedly.


"Yeah, I'm alright." I mustered a smile along with a nod.

"So yeah, at first, I wasn't really fond of his decision but seeing you here, I think I might just give it a shot." She smiled while looking at me and I cringed internally at her words.

If she's flirting with me, it's not working, not even one bit.

Gosh, please save me now.

Silence overtook the group as none took the initiative to break the silence. Probably saying our own prayers inside our heads.

The bus had arrived so Jimin and I started grabbing our things which were situated on the empty benches.

"Goodbye Yeri." Jimin smiled and waved at her still sitting form.

"Goodbye Jungkook!" She exclaimed from her seat and I touchéd since she didn't even return Jimin's word which is why I decided not to return hers.

"Goodbye, Jimin." I waved at his face and he smacked my head for the nth time this day.

"Extrakook." Jimin remarked and I smiled.

Now, this makes the three of us equal.

I chuckled.

"See you tomorrow, Kookie yah!" I heard her say before the bus' door closed.

"Tomorrow, but isn't it Saturday and we don't have shifts?" Jimin squinted his eyes in confusion and inquired as we sat on the found seats.

-Chapter 20 End

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