Chapter 21

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We'd spent the car ride back to the house in silence, which wasn't heavy nor tense; everything felt calm. My head rested against Sam's shoulder as I tried to maintain this environment, keep my thoughts at bay and give us all a break from craziness. I hummed a song to keep me occupied, trying to make sure the right words were going along in my head.

A poke against my cheek brought my attention to the fact that we were in the house driveway and the others had gotten out. Scooting out I moved away so Sam could exit, then reached for my book bag, which was snatched up before I could even brush my fingers over it. Looking up Sam just looked at me with a blank expression as he threw it over his shoulder, then he pushed me towards the house. Sighing, I went without any argument, in no particular mood to do so;besides, he'd win.

The others were inside the house by the time my foot touched the porch, which was also when the yelling started. Cringing I paused, not wanting to deal with Scott's crap at the moment. "So this is how World War 3 starts."

Sam pushed past me, but reached back to grasp my hand and pull me into the house. My feet dragged, and I stayed directly behind him, peeking around a bit to see a pissed off Scott. It wasn't that much different from his normal look, but the aura that radiated from him was filled with pure disgust.

"You're telling me that all of you thought it wise to run off because of whatever reason. All of you thought that was honestly the best idea? You have other responsibilities, none of them to be at the beck and call of some stupid, whiny little ill-bred brat. Bad enough that Samuel wastes his time with her, I will not sit quietly while you all do the same." Scott shouted, jabbing a finger in my direction.

In reaction I flinched, but anger started to form inside of me. I yanked my hand from Sam's and moved around him, eyes narrowing as I approached Scott. My lips parted to speak, but then I was pulled back by Jessica who'd just come from upstairs. She gave me a look, but I tried to break free and get over to the horrible man. The grip she had on my wrist tightened and she just stared at me after a moment passed I sighed and took a step back.

Everyone's eyes were glued on Scott from that moment, everyone silent and glaring at the jerk. "All of you just going to stare at me? Going to keep going along with this waste of your time and abilities? People die, you let it go and you move along. You don't sit here and waste years on it and let someone into a world they do not belong. You all should know that," his voice grew louder, I knew that the closed front door probably didn't block the neighbors from hearing.

"What the hell is wrong with you?" Jessica spoke up, releasing my wrist and stepping forward. You could see how upset she was by her stance, hands clenching and unclenching constantly. She was trying her best to keep her cool. "Here you stand, tearing down a girl whose life is on its head. Yet, you can't seem to find a way to wield in the slightest bit of that shit attitude of yours to show some compassion. How dare you keep..."

Scott cut her off, his voice booming, "How dare I? How dare you sit here and continuously promote this. This is something that should have stopped and if you'd just stood by me, backing me up..."

"Backing up what, father? Backing up your blatant need to discriminate against someone because they don't have what you have running through your veins?" It was Theo's turn to move in, his body blocking me from view. He'd voice was loud, his tone matching Scott's.

"Grandma may have filled your head with the ways of non-magic humans are lesser, but that is beyond far from the truth and an outdated thought process. Yet, you sit here on your high horse. Just because we held with their fate, doesn't make us God or a close equivalent. Just because we have secrets they aren't privy to, doesn't mean you have this upper hand on them. And lest not forget that grandma is only really mad because she met a non-magic who left her. So this magic you think makes to freaking dog, is something you barely have running through your veins!" The way he spoke sent a shiver down my spine, there was so much rage behind those words.

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