Chapter 17

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Today marked the second day without my anxiety medication, which wasn't the end of the world. There was just a lot of me that much preferred to keep taking them on a consistent levels and not explore if I got worse without them. So I'd called my psychiatrist the day before and begged her to send them here, telling her I didn't know when I'd be back and it was a family thing. One of those things wasn't a lie. It took some pushing, but after five minutes of spouting some sob story she agreed.

With my prescription secured I'd roped Theo into coming to the VA with me to pick it up. We sat in uncomfortable chairs in a packed pharmacy, which seemed consistent for all the VA hospitals. Every so often a number would be called out and people would look down at their tickets only to see it was someone else. It approached half an hour when I heard my number called in my half asleep state. With renewed energy I hopped up and made my way towards the window specified. I gave the guy behind the glass a smile and polite greeting before sliding him my ID. He made quick work of returning it and then pushing the bag through the slot. I gave a quick thanks and headed back to Theo who looked relieved.

"That's all you need, right? No other waiting rooms where we sit forever?" The way he sounded you'd assume we'd been sitting for hours upon hours.

In reaction I laugh, walking with him towards the exit. "Yeah, that's all there is."

We head out to the parking lot, the sun beating down on us hard. In seconds the first few drops of sweat descend onto my forehead, making me glad that we had found something close by. As we walked up to the car I paused, my body emitting an involuntary shiver. The whole thing threw me off, and I had this weird feeling in the pit of my stomach.

A honk caused me to jump, my gaze moving down to Theo who'd already gotten in. "Come on!"

Rolling my eyes, I pulled the door open to the car, sliding into the seat and closing the door behind me. I'd buckled in and gotten comfortable, only to realize that Theo was staring at me. I turned my head, raising a brow at his down-turned lips.

"Don't slam the door of my baby." It was honestly the most serious I'd ever heard him.

"Just go, ya dweeb." A laugh escaped me and I reached over, poking his arm repeatedly. After a moment his facade dropped and he was laughing himself.

The way he drove terrified me because he just whipped out of the parking lot as if he was the only car there. My nerves spiked a lot, and I stepped on my imaginary break constantly. As we pulled up to a stop light, it was my turn to frown at him. Seeing my expression he just laughed and messed with the radio. He settled on a channel that boasted about only playing the hits on the 90s and when the first song started we ended up belting out the lyrics.

We got so into our performance, basically serenading each other. Just as I was about to make this horrible high note I noticed a person in the car behind us watching and laughing. My cheeks felt aflame, and I shrunk back into the seat a little, but didn't stop singing along. It felt wonderful to let loose and be weird, even in a semi-public setting.

The song was almost done when the light turned green and we kept singing along as Theo pulled off. A series of honks pulled my attention as we went into the center on the intersection, drawing my eyes to the left of me. My heart felt like it stopped, my eyes widening and my mouth agape in an attempt at a scream. There was a car an inch from my door and then it was slamming into us, pushing the sound from my lips. The pain traversed every part of my body and I could see the blood leaving me.

"Oh god, Sidney." Theo screamed, but he sounded far away.

One moment everything, but the pain, was fading and the next it was like slow motion. My eyes opened, and it was the entire scene except in reverse. My eyes blinked and then I was standing next to Theo's car in the parking lot. Hands trembled and my body shook, the bag that held my medicine hitting the ground. Tears streamed down my face in waves and I leaned against the vehicle as I tried to breathe through it all, ignoring the sting of the hot metal.

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