For All The Wrong Reasons

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There was once a girl who was given a red balloon for her birthday. Her father tied the balloon to her left arm. Grinning, she spread out her arms and started to run. Faster and faster she went. Then, suddenly, the breeze got stronger and stronger. The balloon was getting carried away!

She tried to hold on to the tiny grass around her but the wind was far too strong. The grass snapped and she started going up, up and up. Houses became tinier by the minute. She couldn't hear her father's voice anymore.

The sky became bluer. It became quieter. She was quickly losing her breath...

And then, she heard a loud pop.

The balloon burst and she began falling. Faster and faster she fell.


I was the girl and he was the balloon. I got carried away and for a long time, I thought it was love. I actually made myself believe that it was. But then, I met Lloyd. And the confusion began.

Before Lloyd, there was only Bran. And before Bran, there was no one. He was my first boyfriend. I was the typical average girl, as many like to put it in romance novels. I'm not worth a second look. Plain and boring were the two words best fit to describe me.

I was only 21 when my biological clock started ticking. Being the eldest, people around me expected me to be the first one to walk down the aisle or have a boyfriend, at least. But my sister, who was two years younger than me, got pregnant by her boyfriend and was forced to get married at an early age of 19.

My youngest sister, age 16, already has a boyfriend that time.

I, on the other hand, was forced to face the scrutiny of my cousins, uncles and aunts.

"Why doesn't she have a boyfriend?" I heard my aunt ask my mother one time.

When they would ask me the same question, I would always answer with "I'm not ready to fall in love yet." But the truth was I have been ready for the longest time. But what can a girl do if no one wants to date her?

I knew that I wasn't eye-catching back then. I was plain as a board. But oddly enough, this board attracted someone. And thus began my romance with Bran.

It was a Saturday morning. I was walking home from the market, carrying a huge paper bag on one hand and an umbrella on the other. It was just starting to rain and I sensed that the paper bag couldn't hold on much longer. Droplets of rain started pouring. It became a drizzle. And the drizzle became heavier. I hurried to the store on my right and waited for the rain to pass.

I immediately noticed a guy beside me. He was tall and lean and shivering. I noticed that he was already drenched in rain. He has jet black hair, the color of midnight. His cheeks, flushed from the cold. He has pointy nose and a cleft chin.

I couldn't see his eyes though. His hair was covering them.

But I think he noticed that I was staring at him. He turned to me and gave me a questioning look. Brown eyes.

"What?" he asked, in an irked, kind of aloof way.

I shook my head. "N-Nothing."

He hunched and rubbed his hands on his arms, trying to bring heat by friction.

"Do you live near here?" I couldn't help but ask.

"Yeah. A Few blocks," he answered.


I fell silent for a while.

"Can I share your umbrella?" he asked a few minutes later.


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