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"Honestly Jah, I can't be bothered with his bullshit. I was trying to let him know that the drugs he does are stupid. It's gonna kill him, I'm telling you." Emery let out a huff of air before furiously texting Stella, venting out more frustration about Gus.

Jahseh had his arm wrapped around her, holding her close, "Just relax babe, don't worry about him. He's just some kid on the internet, get over it."

Emery gave him a sharp glance, in which he stuck his arms up in defense, "I'm just saying. How do you know he's not a catfish? Or s-"

"Shut the fuck up! He's not just some kid on the internet and he's not a catfish. He's my friend Jah."

The boy let out a laugh and shook his head, "Have you ever facetimed him?"


"Then he's not real, case closed."

What the fuck?

"He is! I'll prove it right now."

"Why are you so hellbent in defending this guy you've never met?" The boy asked, an expression of anger and jealousy mixing in his face.

"Well maybe he's been there more often than you have! And he's kind and funny, he's just a good friend."

"Facetime him, I wanna see this kid."


Emery clicked out of her unfinished Gus rant and proceeded to click onto her favorite contact, gussy boo. It was extremely unfortunate her first video call with him would be like this, she still hadn't exactly apologized for calling him a junkie. In her defense, she lashed out because she was scared of losing him. Emery took a deep breath before hitting the call button, the ringing only proceeded for a short moment before it opened up to a smoking Gus.

Emery smiled and released her breath, "Hey! Gus!"

The boy took a hit from his blunt and rolled his eyes, "You've never facetimed me before and now you do it as we're arguing. What do you want?"

The girl changed her expression to mock an offended one, "Me? Wanting something? I just missed you."

Gus let out a small chuckle and shook his head. From the corner of his eye he noticed his snitch neighbor, Linda come out from her house and dart her eyes to Gus. He quickly got up from his spot on the steps and ran into his house. He payed no attention to what Emery was saying.

Liza, Gus's mom, was sitting at the table. A cluster of papers crowded around her, which she quickly looked up from as the boy darted past her.

"Where are you going, peeper?" She called out.

"Upstairs ma."

A giggle was heard through his phone, "Did your mom just call you peeper?"

"Yes." Gus said as he entered his room and shut the door. He placed his phone against the wall and opened up his window. On the other end of the phone, Jahseh glared at the screen as his girlfriend began to laugh at something Gus said. It began to slightly piss him off, how much Emery was enjoying this. Talking to a boy through a screen, why not him? He was there in person. Through impulse, he reached over and hung up the call.

Emery whipped around, her eyebrows furrowed.

"What the fuck? Why would you do that?"

Jahseh got up from the couch and turned his back to her, "I got all the proof I needed."

He shot a look at her from over his shoulder, "Here's your phone." He mumbled as he tossed it to her. She brushed off his sudden outburst as he walked away. Quickly she went back and messaged Gus.


sorry sjsjsjsj

my boyfriend uhhh got
mad over u, i think lmao

gussy boo:
He was there?

watching you like a hawk

gussy boo:

gussy boo:

he doesn't think you're

gussy boo:
Wait how does he know
about me

i was uhhh

talking abt u

gussy boo:
Oh shit I guess this
friendship is official


gussy boo:
Ok loser

gussy boo:
Get ur boyfriend not to
hate me

gussy boo:
I want us all to be friends

On it 🤠

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