Constant Complaints

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Okay, so. At camp this past week was amazing! We worshipped, played, ate, sang, and a few (including me) were baptized. Now, being at a camp means you go outside. And being in Texas, means it extremely hot in the summer. To me it ain't that bad, but there's always that one person (or group of said persons) who LITERALLY (and yes, I mean literally, properly used) complains about EVERYTHING. Here's a quick list to describe what I mean:

1) We're at chapel, singing as Mr. Ben (the director) plays his guitar. A girl in my cabin (we're split from boys and girls) leans over and's like "OMG THIS MUSIC SOOOOOOOO LOUD" and I'm like "No DIP Sherlock!"

2) we had to tightrope walk over a pit of mud, but it had dried in the desert sun, and I fell about 20 times. This girl was saying "God, stop being so clumsy and WALK across the darn thing!" and I really wanted to say "Girl, I'd like to see you get up here, 5 feet in the air, and TIGHT ROPE WALK perfectly, without FALLING on your fat mouth!" but I didn't. that's rude.

3) eating the meals, after a long day, when we don't have anything to eat. I'm starving, the food isn't all that good (but it's better than school food tbh), and it's 104 degrees fahrenheit at 6 in the evening. The same girl in #2 doesn't even take a BITE and's like "Ew this is gross..." (it was delivery pizza that day) and I said "Just SHUT UP and EAT"

I mean, everyone complains (I included), but there's a point where it's toooooo much.....

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