so so sos so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so sorry!!!!!A/N

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i am so sorry,please forgive.i haven't update in ages. I am such a bad person.

but thankyou for sticking by me and still reading.

i recently got a job and have been working everday and i have been so exhausted lately bc it is so much.

i know i have told a couple of you i would update and the end of a week and never have, but the time flew in and i didnt even realise that it was the end of  the week so i am here now apoligising from the bottom of me heart.

please forgive me?? all of you have been so nice and have voted ALOT.You know who you are. and it has blown me away so thankyou.

and thankyou for not demanding me to update or being rude.I must just have awsome readers;)

O ne last thing should update and put chapter most days this week but quite short or should i make a longer chapter by this weekend or at the latest tuesday???????please let me know.

again thankyou,you are amazing!:-)

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