Interview (Part 5)

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WAKE UP WAKE UP!", Invidia says Gleefully. Im not really surprised that she's so happy, since we got such a good score. Well, its time to get ready for the big interview thats happening at 8 pm tonight. I can't wait to talk to Gaius. Its also another reason why id want to volunteer for Darius, since I get to talk to one of the greatest people ever. I take a shower and we get our outfits on, so Victoria wears a golden dress with a big black bow on her head. I swear a red suit, resembling my tribute outfit for the Games, since its the same color, with a silver tie.

"Wonderful, absolutely wonderful!" Manuella says. I think she might be about to cry of joy. They line both of us together and look so stunned on how good we look. I dot understand. We look okay, but not so good where you could cry. I wonder what my friends are dressed as. After eating lunch, we all agree to watch some more Hunger Games until we have to go. Its so weird, since we're all sitting there on one big couch, as a family. 

First, we watch the first Hunger Games. The arena is one big forest. The countdown starts and everybody, even the careers, look scared. They look like they don't really know what to do in the Games, and thats why they're so nervous. The first bloodbath begins. Everyone didn't know that its highly dangerous to go in the bloodbath if you aren't a career, so they all went in. Theres a female career that gets a bow and arrow and shoots it a the girl from 7, but she dodges it, and it hits a boy. She then does a summersault, picks up a rock, and throws it at the career before she has any time to reload. Fir (district 7 female) choked the living daylights out of her, while the other tributes looked for supplies without trying to die, unlike that boy from 3 who got shot with an arrow. Fir takes an axe and then slaughters a boy, maybe from District 10 since he looks east asian. 

The bloodbath ends with 14 casualties, including 2 careers. Days later, with only 6 left, the final begins. Theres so mutts that resemble wolves, and they don't look so happy. Some have golden hair, and some have grey. The last 3 were eaten by them, leaving Fir the victor. That lasted for an hour, so we have to watch about 5 more to be able to go in time. So, Baron gets to decide to watch the 22d Games. And let me just say that this is the most interesting arena I've ever seen.

The arena would have an insane number of resources everywhere. It was an elliptical shape mostly covered in ocean. It appeared to be a miniature version of the Earth. As time progressed, the water levels would slowly rise and the air would become smoggier and smoggier. UV rays would also be projected into the arena, starting at Antarctica.The remainder of the candidates would have to endure earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes and highly acidic rain. When there are only four left, the earth will draw them together and force them to fight to the death. Out of this fight, Terra (from district 1) won by using a spear and a sword she got earlier during the Games, specifically the bloodbath.

Next, Saphira gets to choose. She picks the 24th Games, the year Velorum won. She's from District 1, and the arena that year took place in some rocky mountains. The bloodbath begun, but Velorum didn't kill anyone. She just stacked up on supplies. Not a thing a career does, but okay. However, her allies killed 8 people in total. 12 died that day. The place was full of traps, but eventually, Velorum would use these to bomb her alliance, hersulting in her victory. However, the blast was so strong that it broke her arm, and made her go deaf in the right ear permanently.

We cut it short here and eat dinner instead. I eat the same thing, which was this exotic salad I've never heard of until now. 

"So, Victoria, what skill did you show off during your private session?", Baron asks.

"Sword fighting", she says, and the others nod, looking satisfied. They ask me the same thing and I told them knife throwing, spear throwing, and sword fighting. They are very surprised and happy to hear that. Im glad they do, because I know, that one of us careers are going to win this thing, like we usually do. After dinner, we go on a train to go to the interview. 

Once we are there, I see my fellow careers. Flint and Emily have identical outfits. Both of them wear white. Even Flint's tie is white. Raina has a blue dress, while Miles has a standard black suit with a green tie. We all have to line up in single file, and we are called. First, Emily goes, and she acts pretty confident and vicious. Flint and Victoria act nice but hint that they can kill you very easily. Once I'm up, I'm a bit nervous, but I force myself to go. 

I hear him say from a distance, "And here is the 3rd volunteer this year, please welcome, Magnus Sterlingshre!" the crowd roars in applause, since they like careers a lot. I wave to the crowd, shake Gaius's hand, and sit. 

"Magnus, lets get started off with some questions.", Gaius says. I happily agree. "So, Magnus, are you a hunter, or a gatherer?"

"Easily a hunter", I say. The crowd wasn't really surprised. "I mean, I can pretty much use any blade, since I've been training for so long." I say. 

"So, do you think you're ready for this year?" He asks.

"Definitely, " I say. "Since I've been training all my life, I think I can out last all of these fools", I say. Gaius and the crowd laugh. "I really wanted to be in these Games since I was young. I would see on TV, a tribute killing another one, and I always picture myself in those shoes, so this year, it was my final chance to be in it, so I volunteered", I say. I crowd claps.

"Well," Gaius says, "I like you answer. It takes confidence to win these things, am I right crowd?" The crowd roars in applause again. "Unfortunately, we have run out of time, so why don't we give a warm round of applause, for Magnus!" The crowd claps again. Once go off stage, me and Victoria go back to the apartment by train. Im so tired that I go to sleep on the train. Its surprising on how easily I went to sleep, since I'm so exited to tomorrow. In less than 11 hours or so, the Games will begin tomorrow.

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