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(bby boy af)
Third pov

About a  week after Jungkook had embarrassed himself Infront of Jimin (or at least that's what he thinks) he hasn't tried anything else feeling scared he'd feel that pain again.

Jimin had told time after time that it was completely okay and part of healing.

But Jungkook just believed he had been to weak and he was at fault.

He had told his other boyfriends what had happened and they tried to retain their jealousy and comfort the younger. He had been smothered with love and affection from all his boyfriends which he was enjoying very much.

The flinching had gone down a whole lot only when he just wakes up or if your moving really fast.

And he had only had 1 painc attack.

So besides the reoccurring every night nightmare which never got any better,

he was doing better.

Jungkooks pov

After the thing between me and Jimin hyung had occurred I still felt really bad even though countless times he said he was happy with what turned out and he was proud.

Today I had been assigned with Namjoon hyung I guess you could say.

The dance line minus me where being taught a new chorography. And Namjoon needed help with cleaning his closest out which I wanted to help with because Yoongi hyung and Jin hyung where busy doing god knows what.

"Hyung do you really need this?" I ask Namjoon hyung hoping he can hear me as hes deep in the walk in closet and I've completely lost sight of him.

I found one of his old Ryan dolls but it was broken.

"What.." he said stepping out and then gasping.

"...yes I need that!" He said snatching it and putting it in his box of keeps.

"But it's broken hyung. And what about earlier when you gave me a lecture on 'not keeping things not important to you, because you need to learn how to let go to be happy' bull shit." I said imitating him in his leader voice.

"Uhhh, um well this is different." He said taking the toy away.

I continue to go through his old box of clothes that are all to small well sitting on the ground till I feel warm arms wrap around me at first i jump and stiffen scared for a split second untill I hear Namjoon hyungs deep calming voice.

"Thanks for helping baby~" he coos as I lean back into his touch letting myself be pressed against his chest.

"Of course I'm helping you'd break everything if I wasn't here." I say as i rest my head on his shoulder.

I hear a chuckle escape his lips and we sit in silence.

But a comfortable silence, I've  always  been comfortable with Namjoon hyung, after all I've always looked up to him ever since I was 14 he was my role model.


"Yes baby?" He says digging his face in the crook of my neck and lightly pecking it causing me to giggle.

"Stop I'm asking a serious question!" I say laughing as he finally stops tickling my neck with his lips.

"Thank you..." I say resting my head back on his shoulder.

"...do you miss me?"

I feel Namjoon pull away from testings head on mine, "What do you mean baby your right here in my arms."

"No I mean like the real me the one who wasn't scared of being touched the one who wasn't dirty and used?" I said almost to calmly.

I feel Namjoons grip tighten around my small waist as he pulls me closer if that's even possible.

"Don't call your self that baby..." He said and then pulled me around so I was facing him and he cupped my cheeks.

"...your not dirty or used up, your perfect. Even though horrible things have happened which still hurts me to talk about even now baby because I hate I wasn't there to keep you safe, but everything that happened horrible or not doesn't change who  you are. Because you baby are so beautiful so perfect so precious and I want you to know he will never touch you again, and you are still you, still the same kookie I fell in love with." He said looking deep into my glassy doe eyes.

I was quick to hug him and wrap my legs around him like a koala.

"I love you hyung."

"Love you baby." He said pressing a kiss on my head.

We sat there like that for a while in another session of comfortable silence as I yawned on his shoulder and tried to keep my eyes open.

"M' sleepy hyung." I said snuggling closer to his neck.

"Wanna sleep with me tonight or som-"

"You." I was quick to cut him off.

He chuckled and layed me on his bed and started to walk away which I was quick to jump up and grab the end of his baggy shirt.

"Where you going?" I said trying to keep my eyes open.

"Im just grabbing one of my big shirts to put you in so you can sleep comfy." He said as i let go and layed back down.

A few minutes later Namjoon hyung had me in a baggy shirt and a pair of boxers.

"Hurry so I can sleep~" I whined not really caring if I sounded five because all I wanted to do was sleep and I couldn't do that without snuggling with my boyfriend.

"Okay okay geesh." He said putting joggers on and taking his shirt off before joining me.

I was quick to snuggle close to his bare taned chest.

He wrapped his long lanky arms around me and pulled me closer.

I smiled and looked up at him and kissed his chin.

"Taehyung is gonna be upset it was supposed to be his night, wouldn't you rather sleep with him anyw-"

"Hyung ya know what, your always there to support me and hyungs and army's but we are never there to support you and I'm sorry, I know how insucre you are but I want you to know Namjoonie hyung your so handsome soooo SO handsome and your so sexy and I love you so much bangtan wouldn't be bangtan without any of us but there wouldn't be a bangtan without you, so I want you to know your a perfect boyfriend and a beautiful talented person who I'm lucky to have." I said looking up at him and playing with his long fingers.

I saw his eyes turn glassy and he was quick to lean in and softly yet passionately kiss me. And I was quick to kiss back.

Loving how my lips fit perfectly with his.

"Thank you baby , thank you so much,i love you ." He said pulling me close as I closed my eyes.

Untill it hit me.

I knew what I wanted.


"Yes kooks?"

"Will you be my first?"


That's what I feel like,

I've been working out like alot and it hurts to walk :( but hopefully I lose some jiggles.

Anyway I'm so sorry if you hate this chapter I was thinking so so so hard of a plan for who's gonna do what and I finally got one I rrly hope you guys enjoy it if not I'm so sorry

Ugh I rrly hope you don't hate how this ffs gonna turn out I'm trying rrly hard here😅. I went through Like 100 diff ideas and finally got one

Any way love y'all. Stay happy healthy and safe.

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