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friday night__

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friday night

I RECOGNIZED ONE OF THEM AS as beverly marsh. i immediately realised she was the one that had walked into me, the girl with auburn hair. even in the dark, i could see that her short red hair burned like the rays of the sun on a hot day. beverly marsh; the girl with blue eyes and fire for hair.
the tall boy next to her had his arm draped over her dainty freckled shoulders. his name was bill. i faintly remember him from when he was in my history class in tenth grade with ms slade. he had a stutter, thats what makes him a 'loser'. while others would laugh and call him names in class, i remember beverly would always glare at them and hold bills hand from under the table, sending bill insane.
a short boy with the name of eddie declined my handshake offer, mumbling something about aids and germs. a dark skinned boy with the name mike and a bright, short boy with the name ben smiled at me, looking me up and down; trying to figure out why a girl like me, marla 'rich bitch' borne, would be hanging with them at the quarry.
the sixth of the group was a thin boy with a wild mop of golden hair fraying out across his pale forehead. his nose was kind of pointy, dusted pink due to the cold air around him. he looked at me with confusion while beverly smiled, grabbing a hold of bills hand that wasn't rested on her shoulder.

"marla, meet the losers club, otherwise known as my friends. losers, meet marla, a total babe," he winked at me, causing stan to roll his eyes at richies immature behaviour.

"we know who you are," stan said, leaning against the tree and raising his eyebrows," you're friends with bailey, aren't ya?" he questioned, causing me to panic.

"uh, yeah. i mean, im only friends with her because in a school, and a town, like derry, i cant really afford to be alone. uhm," i mumbled, waving my hands around. they hate me. they fucking hate me.

beverly smiled and threw her arm around my neck, embracing me in a hug and letting out a small, giggle?

"you dont have to be alone, you can hang out with us," beverly smiled, white teeth shining none the less in the dark.

"yuh-yeah, youre al-always wuh-welcome to h-hang with us, m-marla," bill stuttered, stepping forward and wrapping an arm around beverlys waist.

"well good fellows, let's go night swimming," richie bellowed in a god knows what accent and unbuttoned his tacky shirt, stripped his jeans off and throwing it inside the open window of his car and then running towards the lake and jumping in making eddie take a pump from his enhaler; poor kid.

he was followed by bill and beverly who were soon followed by the rest of the losers, screams and laughs echoeing throughout the quarry at midnight.

slowly but surely, i took my shoes off and placed them in richies car. i made my way over to where every one was swimming, clothes and shoes scattered every where; on the logs and in bushes.

"come on marla!" beverly yelled from ontop of bills shoulders, waving her arms around to get my attention to enter the the lake and join the seven of them.

slowly, i unbuttoned my jean buttons and peeled the black material down my pale thighs, exposing my underwear and my legs. i kicked them off my feet and threw them next to beverlys pile of messy clothes and shoes. i then gently lifted my vest off of my chest and through it to the ground. almost immediately, i felt anxious and exposed with only my white, laced bra and my underwear on me. i shivered and wrapped my arms around my exposed chest as i sunk into the lake; a shriek leaving my mouth as i felt beverly grab my wrist and dunk me under the dark water.
while i was under, i opened my eyes and saw beverlys feet dangling in the water, a brown anklet tied loosely around her thin ankle.

i jumped up and gasped for a breath of air, wiping my blonde locks out of my face and grinned at a laughing beverly, her red hair spread out across her forehead.

"what was that for?" i laughed, our legs carrying both of us deeper into the lake where richie and eddie were bickering.

"you were taking ages," she motioned, and exaggerated the 'a' in ages, smiling.

hands wrapped themselves around my waist and turned me around. a loud laugh escaped my two wet lips as i splashed richie with a wave of water, causing him to let go of my waist and run a hand through his hair, smirking. he shook his brown curls back and forth, spraying water onto stan.

i took my time to look at the boy in front of me, he was way too pretty for a derry boy. the boy with dark curls framing his milky skinned face, surrounding his chocolate eyes. a smile made his way onto his freckled face, a soft, breathy laugh escaping his two, plump, pink lips. he splashed me, sending a wave in my direction and then swam away laughing.

as cheesy as it sounds, some people were just meant to be in the same story.

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