Ch. 1 Always Forgotten

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Raven's POV

Living in the shadow of someone else is never where you want to be in life. You get left out and forgotten about more times then you don't. But sometimes, you don't have a choice. I have been living in my sister's shadow since we were young. Even my brother, Jeremy, is in the loop more then I am. Our parents would cater to their every will while I was left on the sidelines. Forgotten during family movie nights at the theater, outings into town, and never cheered on at games or school functions, I became used to the feeling. I would forever be the forgotten Gilbert.

Even our friends over time became just Elena's friends. She had the guys after her and the girls wishing they were her. Even when our parents died, everyone gave her their pity. Not that I wanted it, but still. It wasn't like she was the drunk one who got in a fight and wanted to go home and as the sober, responsible sister of the night, I called our parents. And who got the blame and lecture on the way home? That's right, me. Who almost died that night while Elena was barely unconscious? Me. Who gets let off the hook because her parents died and all the apologies and love? Elena. It's like I wasn't even there, but I still got the bunt of the deal.

"Raven!" My history teacher, Mr. Tanner, yelled. "Are you listening?"

"Yes, sir."

"Really? Then when was the Battle of Willow Creek?"

"September 25, 1864, sir. I do in fact know my history, Mr. Tanner."

"Just for the attitude, Fall of the Berlin Wall."

"Is that really necessary, Mr. Tanner?"

"Are you saying you don't know. Classic jock stereotype."

"November 9, 1989." He looked shocked.

"Duration of the Tang Dynasty." He looked smug.

"618 to 907."

"We have class to get back to. As I was saying..." His voice tuned out of my brain once again as I went back to my thoughts. I was practically alone in life. Elena has been hanging around the two Salvatore brothers as well lately. Neither of them know about me I think. It wouldn't even matter if they did.

Finally, the bell rang. Thankfully this was the last class of the day. I went towards my locker as everyone began to exit the school. It was so much easier to just wait until everyone left then to fight your way out. Opening my locker, I took out my skateboard and left my backpack inside. I already did all of my homework anyway. My classes were so easy, but I'm already in advanced classes and completed some college classes, so I couldn't really do much. I'll be honest. I am pretty smart which I don't understand since I don't listen much in class or study. It all comes naturally to me.

Exiting the now empty building, I began my track my home. Since we didn't have a game today, we got off as it was Friday. I was actually really excited for tonight. You see, I am a nature freak. I love animals and being outside. I think how the weather works and everything is really cool. I especially love full moons though. They are so pretty and seem even magical. So every full moon, I go to this open grassland in the woods bordering Mystic Falls and camp out there for the night.


I have been walking through the woods for about thirty minutes now. I was only about ten minutes away from my spot. It was getting dark now and I couldn't wait to set up camp. Before coming to the woods, I stopped at the Grill to eat. That way I don't have to worry about food and animals. Approaching my spot, I began to here voices and a light. Was that fire? Oh hell no. There are people in my spot and they are destroying it. I don't think so! Dropping my camping gear, I walked over to where the chaos was occurring.

Okay, consider me confused. There were three people in rings of fire. One being my aunt, another Elena, and the final lady was one I didn't recognize. A man with hero hair looked to be arguing with another man with sandy blond hair. He was probably one of the hottest guys I've seen, but forgetting that I moved to see one last lady standing behind the good looking dude. What the actual hell is going on?

"Raven!" My aunt yelled, grabbing everyone's attention and turning it towards me. "You can take her, can't you! She's Elena's twin. They would have the same blood."

I'm sorry. What now? I know I have no idea what is going on right now, but I'm pretty sure my aunt just offered for me to die instead of Elena. Figures.

"Yea! Can't you take her instead!" Yelled Elena. Yup so dead. Cool, so walked into what looks like a sacrifice and is now going to be dead. Awesome. I heard a quick whoosh and the sandy haired man was now in front of me.

Surprised, I said, "Okay, look I know I'm a little confused on the whole situation right now, but I know you were over there like a second ago."

He laughed at me. "That's because I'm a vampire, love."

"Okay, cool cool. Now are you the imbecile that is burning my grass with fire?" He looked surprised with my response. Whatever craziness is going on is not my problem. My spot being destroyed, however, is my problem.

"Your apparent aunt and sister are offering you up to die and you're worried about the grass? Now why is that?" He chuckled lightly.

"They don't like me much. Whatever. But I like my grass and this is my moon spot so I would appreciate it if you would stop destroying it."

"Why don't they like you love?"

"I don't know. I'm the least favorite. Always has been, always will be." I said with a shrug of my shoulders.

"You know what love. You're not dying tonight, but you are coming with me. Would you like to do it the easy way or the hard way, sweetheart?"

"Hey, I ain't fighting. Walk away alive and with a hot dude. Looks like a win win situation and I don't get those a lot." He laughed at me! At least he wasn't as angry as before when he was yelling at hero hair over there that looked at me all funny. Oh! That's Stefan Salvatore. Small world, huh?

"Okay, love. Come here. Now, I have a job for you. You see, I'm going to be changing into a werewolf. If anyone comes to attack me, I need you to drive this into their body. Understood?" He said, handing me a wooden stake. What are we Buffy the Vampire Slayer over here?

"So, the dude in the suit that's hiding a bit away in the woods that's probably waiting for something is something I want to stab with this?" I asked. Surprise came over his face.

"Oh, Elijah brother! Looks like your plans were foiled. By someone who didn't even know nonetheless. Why don't you come on out brother. Don't you want to be reunited with the family?" He called out.

Well Raven, welcome to crazyville. Looks like I'm a new resident.

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