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friday night__

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friday night

IT WAS DARK AND COLD when we left the diner; both our noses were tainted a deep red due to it being the fucking arctic age at the moment. after the incident in the diner an hour ago, richie simply sighed, dropped his hand and lent back into his chair; acting as though nothing has happened an gestured for the waiter to come over.

right now, i was squashed into richie's old blue, rusty car, taking in my surroundings. it was warm inside, nothing how it looked from the outside. the seats were soft on the outside, padded with a squishy foam on the inside; covered with a soft, decaying leather. a few empty boxes of cigarettes were scattered across the dash and around the floor by my feet. old tapes lay around everywhere. richie had pumped the heater up before i clambered onto the passenger seat next to him, creating a warm, welcoming atmosphere. david bowie softly hummed around our bodies, sending tingles through my bones.

"uh hey listen, a few friends of mine invited me to go night swimming with them tonight at the quarry," richie informed me.

"okay, you can drop me home," i nodded my head, sniffing because of the cold.

"no i was uhm, thinking if you wanted to come with and join us? they wouldn't mind," he hesitantly turned his head towards mine, then turned back to look at the road.

"oh, oh yeah sure. i just dont dont know if my dad will allow me to be out this lat-"

"marla," richie interrupted and placed his hand on my knee.

"i know your dad isnt home, princess," he whispered, warmly turning to look at me, then sent me a reasuring smile and slowly turning back towards the road; eyes focusing.

i rubbed the back of my hand across my nose and agreed to tag along with richie, earning a toothy grin from him.

as richie pulled the car into a stop against the row of trees, i could faintly make out 6 figures; 4 standing around while the other two were leaned into one another.

"come on, marla," richie insisted, as he walked over to my side of the car that was already opened and grabbed my wrist, yanking me out the car.
when they saw not only richie, but another person, they all stood up straight and squinted, trying to see who it is.

"what richie," i stopped walking abruptly, making richies grasp slip from my arm and bringing his attention to me.

"yeah?" he asked and raised his eyebrows.

"what if they dont like me, richie. i mean, why would they. im friends with bailey for fucks sakes. she makes everyone's life a living hell, rich," i quivered.

" they'll love you princess, you'll see,"

and with that, he dragged me towards his friends; into an abyss that i would soon be falling into. an abyss of true friendship and maybe even a sense of belonging. but i wouldnt even dare hope for that.

why should i.


short chapter :(

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