2 down, 3 to go

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One second

One second was all it took for the doors to open, Charlotte’s parents be sucked into the vast whole that is space and suddenly the chamber was empty. No sign that there was ever someone in there. On the other side of the door, everyone of their group just froze as the door closed again. Charlotte kept crying on Clarke’s arms, she was sobbing by now and Raven hugged her as well while Murphy formed a protective barrier between them and the guards just in case one of them tried something with his girls.

Meanwhile, Wells just looked at the door without believing what just happened, he was shocked, never having witnessed someone being floated before. They were gone, just like that. “I am sorry son, but it had to be done.” Jaha said to him and Wells’ attention was turned back towards his father with a look of pure anger and all he could do in that moment, all he wanted to do and did was punch his Dad on the face with all the strength he could muster. Everyone else who was there were shocked though Clarke wasn’t, she knew Wells enough to expect this from him. He hated injustice.

“HOW COULD YOU DO THIS?!” He said as the guards finally recovered, wiped out the batons and moved forward to subdue him though Jaha dismissed them with a wave of his hand as he wiped the blood from his mouth and looked at his son. “I did what I had to do and when you are Chancellor, you will understand what that means.” He said but Wells shook his head. “If I one day become Chancellor, I will make sure I never end like you.” He said and Clarke knew that it was time to stop this or else it would get really ugly, an angry Wells was very explosive and she didn’t need him to get himself arrested now.

“Murphy take Charlotte to your place, Raven go with them. I will take care of Wells.” She said to the other two and they nodded. Murphy picked up the crying girl in his arms and Raven accompanied them as Clarke moved over to Wells’ side. “Hey, stop.” She said to him but he shrugged her off. “How could you do this to a little girl? Do you have no heart? Who are you?” He said and Jaha stared at him. “I am your father, Wells.” Thelonious said and the boy shook his head. “No, you’re Chancellor Jaha. My Dad, the nice guy I admired, he died the day my mom did.” He said and Clarke pulled him back by the arm.

“That’s enough, Wells. You’re both high on adrenaline and it is really not a good time to be talking. When you are calmer, then you two can talk. Now come on, let me check on your hand and then we will go check on Charlotte, she needs us to be there for her, now more than ever.” She said strongly as she made him look at her and he nodded conceding to her, walking out before she turned to the older man. “You may be his father but Wells is a better man than you could ever be.” She said before she followed her friend leaving behind a stunned Jaha.

She caught up with Wells and held his arm. “Slow down.” She said not letting go of his arm and slipping her hand into his. He squeezed it and she knew it was the only thing bringing him comfort at the moment, he usually got really sensitive after a fight with his father, especially one where his mother is mentioned, so she just held on tighter and they walked in silence until they got to her place, luckily her parents were at work and no one was there. She sat him down on the chair and started cleaning his hand the one he hurt punching his Dad, it was a good punch but again Wells had always been very strong. But right now, he looked so dejected and he looked up at her with tears on his eyes. “He just pushed the button, Clarke. He didn’t even blink.” He said and she nodded.

“I know.” She said gently. “How could he do it just like that? Why?” he asked throatily and she shrugged. There was an answer to that question and it was Bellamy who provided that answer in another time, in another situation. “Leaders do what they think is right, Wells. Your Dad thinks that what his is doing is what needs to be done.” She said. Jaha believes that the laws as they were made are there help keep the peace and the order on the Ark, to ensure their people’s survival, he wouldn’t go against it just because a group of young people asked him to even if one of them was his own son.
“It’s not easy having the fate of so many people rest upon your shoulder. Heavy lies the crown. But let’s not think about that right now. Charlotte needs us to be there for her. She is the only thing that matters at this moment.” She said and he nodded as she finished wrapping his hand. “Where is she and the others?” he asked. “I told Murphy and Raven to take her to his place, at least she can calm down there and we can think of a way to help her.” She said though she knew it wouldn’t matter.

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