Chapter 11

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"Can you check up with Zion and Preston please? Serial has my phone." I whispered to Felik.

"Rei already has them on the road until things calm down, she's still asleep."

I sighed in relief and focused back on Carter and the men in the room. Serial stood in the back, waiting for Carter to make a move with the rest of Derek's men.

Vice was brought to consciousness by his men, no doubt they all would be doubt to after all this is done since they failed to protect him.

"Rei, please." A man pleaded as Carter stared at him emotionless.

He didn't seem like the kind to like begging, as much as the men begged for Carter to spare them. It only pissed him off more. Carter pulled the knife he had caught earlier from his suit jacket and held it to one of the threes neck.

"No, Rei-"

Just like that, the three men who once flanked Derek fell dead. Blood poured from their necks, Carter moved so fast it was like a blur.

"Deal to the rest of his men." Carter nodded to Messiah and the rest of my security team. "The rest of you get the fuck out of here."

Messiah and Felik moved in on Derek's men and dragged them into one of the rooms. The remaining men submitted to Carters command and left in a rush with or without the women they had arrived with.

Once the room was cleared out, leaving me, Carter, Vice, Kai and Serial, Carter picked Vice up by the neck and started laying into him, his punches were loud and ear deafening.

"Serial." I pleaded for him to do something but he only shook his head, warning me not to go anywhere near Carter.

"Carter! Stop, you're going to kill him." I rushed down the steps, stepping over the dead bodies. "I can watch you kill other people but I can't watch you kill him." I pulled him off of Vice and wrapped my arms around his torso.

"He made a deal with Derek, they agreed for you and his Grandson to marry. Vice tried backing out after I found out. I told him to sort this shit out before we landed in Mexico or else I was going to put him and his sons six feet under." He explained, resting his chin on the top of my head. "That's why his sons never showed, they'll be laying on the floor next to their father."

"He tried to marry me off?" I said in disbelief.

"Yes, he had everything planned. From start to finish." Carter nodded to Kai to take care of Vice. "I didn't necessarily save him from Derek, I wanted him to die at my hands."

"Carter." I sighed heavily.

"He planned to persuade you into staying here with them, Derek was going to get his grandson to meet you and hoped that you fell for him." He continued to explain. "He clearly didn't think you were worth more since he made a deal with someone who doesn't even hold a title."

I remained quiet, lost in thought at the news. I didn't think Vice would ever do that to me.

"Fuckhead hasn't even put two and two together yet, you're pretty much engaged to the Italian Don." He lifted my hand and pointed to the ring on my finger.

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