Chapter 12.

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We decided to go home. Aj said bye to The Oranges. When we came home we decided to break the news to our families at a dinner so we started planning one! I called my Mom. " Hey there sweetie! How's everything going?" She asked. " Good, no great! Are you guys free this Sunday? Maybe we could have a dinner with the Apples." And thats when she started talking super fast and loud like Pinkie... " Oh that would be amazing! We could go to that fancy restaurant your dad always talks about! Oh and since Blitz is here he could come too! Oh I'm so excited!!! What should I wear? " then I cut her off. " Ok mom just calm down. It's no big deal- WAIT BLITZ IS HERE?!?" Rainbow Blitz is my big brother. But he's never been a good brother. Actually Big Mac is more of a brother to me and hopefully future brother in law. Anyways Blitz is selfish and would probably fall in love with his own reflection. Mom really wanted him there so i gave in. I ended the call went to the kitchen.
~ Time Skip to Sunday~
We started getting ready. I was just wearing some pants while Aj wore a green dress that reached her knees. We still had one hour. I heard Aj mumbling about something in the bathroom. The door was open and i could see Applejack struggle to brush her super long hair. She was trying to brush it when suddenly the hairbrush broke in two. She just made a (really cute )mad face while I started laughing like crazy. She looked like she had an idea. She grabbed the scissors and started cutting her hair . I stopped and stared at her. Now her hair reached a little below her chin. ( not long enough to reach her shoulders) She turned to me and she actually looked pretty cute. " What do ya think?" She asked. " You look absolutely CUTE! I want to hug you and kiss you al day! If anyone touches you I will kill them! " i started hugged her and squeezing her. I think I almost killed her. Oops! When we arrived at the restaurant they were already there except Blitz and Mac . Scoots and AppleBloom shot up from their seats and ran and hugged us. After we all sat down AppleBloom was first to speak. " So ... Why a dinner all together all of a sudden?" Then my dad spoke up. " Yeah we were wondering." I opened my mouth but someone else spoke up. " Hey!" I know this voice. I groaned. " Blitz!" My mom said! " What now?" I heard someone else say. I turned around and saw that Big Mac arrived. Aj stood up and hugged him . She gestured for me to join and i did. Kinda. " Howdy sis. Hey there Dash. Who's him?" He asked as he sat down. " I could ask you the same." Said Blitz lifting one brow. I slapped my face. " Big mac this is my brother. Blitz, this is Granny Smith, AppleBloom, Big Macintosh and Applejack. Also before you say anything she's my girlfriend so keep your hands to yourself." I said. He made a face and i knew he was going to make this all about himself.
So i kinda ruched this because I really wanted to update! Thank you for reading! Have a wonderful day! Bye!

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