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I never realized leaving her would be this hard. Even though it was just for three months, it felt like a lifetime. We hadn't been together for that long. Still, from inside I felt torn when I held her that morning.

"I'll miss you," she mumbled, kissing my lips. Her lips lingered and I tasted her sweetness now mixed with her salty tears.

I should tell her I'd miss her too. My tongue stuck to the roof of my mouth and throat constricted. No words came out as I gazed into her hazel eyes. She tried hard to blink her tears away, but they kept falling.

Brushing away a teardrop, I kissed her eyelids, unsure what to say. I wouldn't see her for another three months. The past twenty-four hours have been pure bliss. My cock ached from all the lovemaking, but now it was time for our goodbyes. Only I wasn't ready. I'll never be ready.

"I..." Words failed again. Closing my eyes, I rested my forehead on hers. I didn't know how long we stood holding each other.

"Sir, we have to leave now," my driver announced, breaking our moment. I released her from my embrace, cupped her cheeks and nodded. Arianna smiled, a fresh batch of tears filling her eyes. She pressed a kiss on my palm.

"Call me."

"I will." I cleared my throat, realizing my voice was cracking. Why am I hurting this way?

When I stepped into the elevator, she stood where I left her. Her eyes bored into mine, reflecting the pain of my heart. I watched her knees give way when the door closed as I stood helpless. Resting my head on the cool metal door, I rubbed my aching chest.

Why am I getting so emotional? This shouldn't have affected me this much. It was not even a minute, but I already missed her. Arianna's teary face consumed every fiber of my memory. Maybe I should've asked her to go with me.

My body was on autopilot when I entered the car. The trip to the airport was short and blurry. I nodded curtly to something my driver said, performing every task in robotic mode. People blurred past and voices echoed around me.

Arianna Swanson, she was all I could think of.

Was three weeks enough time to get to know each other? Three weeks enough to turn my life upside down? Three magical weeks that filled my otherwise dull life with laughter and love.

Love. My throat constricted. I thought I'd never use that word again. The discomfort and denial that normally came after such a thought never made an appearance. I waited for some kind of negative reaction from some corner of my mind, but nothing came.

It's too soon. What if I don't feel the same after three months? What if she doesn't feel the same way? People change all the time, don't they?

I felt a slight tap on my shoulder and blinked. "Sir, fasten your seatbelt, please."

Without a word, I secured the seat belt, looking out of the window as the plane moved on the lane. The take-off had always been my favorite part of flying. No matter how many times I had flown, it always filled me with a sense of excitement. Now, I felt nothing.

As the distance between the land and plane grew, the city was now nothing but a chain of lights from bird view. With a sigh, I reclined in my seat and pulled the blind over my eyes, shutting the outside world with it. My thoughts took off to my past, reminding me of a time when she'd just been a friend of my cousin, Mike. A time when I didn't realize she was more than that.


Two weeks ago.

"Sir, she is persistent and threatens us with a court order."

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