Chapter 10

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An update because I'm so lovely and didn't want to leave you all hanging. Shout out to PakiandTeahikaaroaKe for bribing me with cake even though we live in two different countries ahahahahaha, enjoy xo

"You're going to fight for him?" The MC laughed, pointing to me.

I'd stop that before someone hears you. I thought. 

Staring back to Carter, he stared directly at the MC with his jaw locked. 

"What are the rules?" I spoke with some kind of authority in my voice.

"W-what? You're serious?" He stopped laughing and stood up straighter after seeing who was burning holes into the side of his head.

"Did I not say I was fighting in his place?" I walked a slow circle around him and pointed at Kai.

"W-well yes."

"What are the rules?" I repeated.

"No one other then the two opponents are allowed in the ring, only one choice of weapon and no tap outs. The fight starts as soon as you and Coren step up into the ring."

"Thank you." I nodded and Serial helped me up into the ring.

"His upper body strength is better then his lower, he's obviously dislocated his left shoulder before and his right knee is one of his sore spots. He's either broken his ribs before or he just naturally leans like that." He stared at me expectingly.

I knew everything you just said and more. I thought but still thanked him. 

"What's your weapon?" Serial asked as he got out of the ring.

I felt someone's presence behind me and spun around, sending a roundhouse kick to Coren's head.

"I don't have one." I called out, picking Coren up of the ground and making him stand.

"You're pretty." Coren coughed up blood, wiping it off onto his slacks.

I caught sight of  the knife in his hand but stayed in place and rose a brow to him. He started to slash at me but I dodged in place and waited patiently.

The first mistake that any skilled fighter would pick up on is routine, and he stayed in exactly that. His second mistake, fighting with uncertainty. Third mistake, he displayed his weaknesses on a silver platter to his opponents.

I caught ahold of the hand that held his knife and kicked his right knee, I twisted his arm in sync with his knee hitting the floor and they booth clicked out of place at the same time.

Coren screamed bloody murder at the pain as I took his knife and threw it to Kai, Carter caught it inches away from Kai's face. Kai screamed in fright, and I almost laughed at the face he pulled.

Carter smirked up at me as I grabbed Coren from behind and put him in a choke hold. He fell from my hold and hit the floor out cold.

"The winner, Ava." The MC called over the crowed, they clapped but soon fell silent again.

A presence moved from behind me, I waited until they moved closer. The stranger was mid air by the time I decided to turn around and once my fist made contact with her jaw, she hit the floor with a loud thud.

She screamed in pain, holding onto her jaw as she cried and rolled back and forth. I felt guilty so I decided to put her out of misery by putting pressure on her throat with the bottom of my heel, watching as her eyes rolled back, she finally fell unconscious.

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