07 | scandals and madness

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Looking back when I was sixteen and naïve, I always wondered what I could be from the millions of people in the world. If one person out of a hundred could win a lottery, if one person could actually marry my idol out of the thousands, and if one person could be the President out of millions, I always wondered what I could be out of the hundreds, thousands and millions.

For years, I've always believed that I'll get to find my "Great Perhaps" or that one Eureka! moment that I've been waiting for my whole life.

That's the life I left behind back in our old town with my mom and her chickens which kept her company besides my brother and aunts. That's the life I never truly want to confront again since it reminded me so much of my utter loneliness and my naïve self.

So when I received a letter regarding my admission to a decent agency in Seoul, I thought I finally found my Eureka moment, and that I'd be off to start my journey for the "Great Perhaps".

And as I stood there carrying a heavy box which contains God knows what, I knew I found my one out of millions.

Out of the thousand people that could get involve with Jeon Jungkook, I was the one miserable enough fitting to be called his personal assistant of some sort - or rather, as he said it, his 'slave'. I was the one person out of the hundreds, thousands, and millions to be involved with the massive jerk.

My arms were beginning to feel heavy - I didn't even know what was inside it to be this heavy, but it smelled great. Must be packed lunches, I thought to myself. The backpack behind me wasn't great help; my body felt heavier than it already was. I felt physically constrained.

I snorted to myself. No wonder I barely passed my PE subject. Figures.

The woman on front didn't even spare me a glance and just gestured for me to go inside. I mean, I've been coming here for the past three days, and she must have gotten pretty tired of seeing my face contorted with despair every day I step foot on this building.

Me too, Ahjumma, I'm so tired of walking inside this damn building to meet that jerk many calls their idol.

But I wasn't complaining with the task - he'd be capable of much more. Though that doesn't mean I'm enjoying it one bit.

I feel like I'm always making trips to hell back and forth whenever I visited this place.

The mission was quite simple: bring packed lunches for the members on their scheduled practices. He's given me the date and time, and I'd always deliver it on time.

With a sigh, I placed the packed lunches outside the door of their dancing studio in no time. Oh - and there was one more instruction - to not ever involve myself with any other members. That explained the schedules to deliver their meals ten minutes before their practices are done - of course, he wouldn't want the members to see me or know about the scandal we had.

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